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Wuhan Disease.

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Because saying Corona Virus is not appropriate language, apparently this YouTube "Voltaire" said that the streaming service has prohibited the word.

Also "racist" is another, and he ended saying "reecist". It was weird, although I don't know much about Youtube content publishing. Wuhan disease is a can also be seen as discriminatory I imagine, yet it originated from there.

I was scrolling down my timeline, and there was this article that said that studies have confirmed that the virus originated from bats. My mom was actually talking to me about this, because her co-workers were as well. Her co-workers definitely fit the Freya threshold of racists so I won't repeat what the had said.

I want to say my little city is holding up well. Grocery stores are pretty good, they clean their store before every open, so that's good. I feel food prices may have been jacked up a little bit. But whatever, I have the money to pay.

I want to go downtown this week, in between my coding lessons.FF7 Remake is soon coming, I didn't really enjoy the fighting as much as before, I'm sure it'll be great though.
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  1. Slothy's Avatar
    Seriously, don't call it Wuhan disease. Just because it originated in that region many people who do use the name "Wuhan disease" or "Wuhan flu" actually use it to disparage the region and chinese in general, and even inflame prejudice against them in the people too stupid to separate where a thing is from from the actual thing itself. It's a virus. Where it originated doesn't matter because where it originated won't impact whether you get it by the time it's gone global. There's also a history of people reacting irrationally to these colloquial names such as killing off large numbers of pigs for no reason during the swine flu epidemic based solely on the name.

    Corona virus or COVID-19 are fine. Literally everyone knows what they refer to. COVID-19 being better because it's more specific about the strain of corona virus that's an issue.
  2. jenovajunkie's Avatar
    So Corona Virus is okay then, man, Mexicans are getting blamed for nothing? How do you feel about micro-aggressions?