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Final Fantasy VII Remake Review & Final Thoughts (New Edit)

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*TL;DR: I decided to redo my entry for Final Fantasy VII Remake. I did this because I read another review from another member of EoFF, and it inspired me to do better. Also note, a lot of these sections will be incomplete because I need some time to digest what I want to express here.

Here's a brief summary of what I thought of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Overall, I enjoyed the game a lot but there were a few gripes I had with the camera controls and battle mechanics. The number one is how the auto-lock camera works, when you lock on to an enemy, it locks the camera into a certain angle. This makes movement very weird and difficult to maneuver or counter attacks. In certain battles, there are events that causes the camera to switch angles so the player can see what's happening. During these times, it can throw the player off and causes you to readjust. There were certain battle mechanics that abuse the camera (a specific arena battle that's not related to the story) but overall it doesn't destroy the integrity of the battle system and is still very playable.



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