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Fan Fiction in the Making for Final Fantasy VII - Anyone interested?

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Hi. I'm a huge FFVII fan and the new remake has inspired me to write a book based on the FF7 World. Is anyone interested? I haven't finished yet & it's still only a rudimentary draft. The ideas whirling about in my head have me so excited. It's based 18 years into the future beyond the events in the Advent Children movie.

My brother tells me I'm not allowed to publish "officially" or "for profit" without consent of the original copyright owners of final fantasy VII. He says I can post on a fan site & get some feedback. Besides, I'm writing it purely for the enjoyment of FFVII and for the fans. I think others besides myself should be allowed to have some fun reading something different & exciting.

With the introduction of new characters, the bringing back of some of the old including Cloud Strife, Sephiroth, Vincent Valentine & Tifa, Marlene & Denzel, you can expect it to take some surprising & awesome twists. Please bear in mind that the work is just a take & is not official in the multi-universe of FF7. FF7 will go wherever it takes itself .

I'm an aspiring writer & have written a number of other books, though yet unpublished. I love to write Sci-fi/Fantasy for Young Adults.

Do let me know, please, if you'd be interested in having a read. Promise, I won't bore you. I can post on a Blog basis as I complete each chapter. It won't be perfect, of course, but it should be pretty decent. I'm fairly good with spelling & grammar. I excel in character development & dialogue, & every now & then can write great description.

Thanks in advance for the support, guys! Who knows if it might become good enough for some of the big wigs to take notice! [/QUOTE]
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  1. Aryllia's Avatar
    Great news guys, I've finally completed the first two chapters of my book and loaded onto my blog sight, you may read on
    Hope you enjoy! Trust me, it's gonna get way better!
  2. Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    Coolio, when I get a moment, I'll check it out. Also nice website.
  3. PoppySummers's Avatar
    Great, you write so interestingly about it that I became interested in it.