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Rémy's Video Game Journal #1 (Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War)

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I've been super busy with an important project lately, and though I've still managed to find time to play video games, I've been struggling to really focus on them. I find my mind is always on my work, even when I'm playing. I've been searching for ways to give more attention to my gaming sessions without spending too much extra time on them, and I landed on the idea of doing a video game journal. So every night (or thereabouts) I'm going to just do a run-down of the game(s) I've played that day, talk about what it was like, and give my opinion on it. I have no idea if it'll manage to be entertaining, but I'm gonna try it for a while and we'll see - so let me know if it seems interesting or if the idea's a dud.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: I will be discussing spoilers for the games I play, so you may just want to stay away if I'm talking about a story-heavy game you haven't gotten into yet. I'll put the games in the title of my post so you know which ones to avoid. Alright, with the intro stuff out of the way, let's get started!

Today's kind of a weird day to start this off for me, in that I played a game that's very different from my usual fare. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is the latest entry in a franchise I've hated for the last decade. I'm not a fan of FPS games, and my difficulties interacting socially with others has made multiplayer games pretty much a no-no, so Call of Duty is like the worst of both worlds. But since COVID, socializing in person has become even more problematic. A friend of mine convinced me to try Black Ops Cold War as a way for us to hang out together, so I've been trying it out.

It's still not my favorite game in the world, but it's growing on me. Tonight, we mostly played Team Deathmatch, which is my favorite mode. I like the simplicity of it. No special rules to remember, and strategy is at a minimum. That way I can focus on honing my reflexes - which, admittedly, aren't great. As far as I can tell, I'm still more of a hindrance than a help to my team. Most of my kills end up being stolen from others - enemies on the brink of death, or who are too focused on killing my teammates. Still, I can see improvement. My K/D ratio is above 1 these days, at least - better than it was years ago.

We also played some Prop Hunt, which my friend loves. Prop Hunt is a goofy mode where one team masquerades as items that are strewn haphazardly about the map (boxes, bricks, suitcases, etc.), while the other team sniffs out the disguises, hunts them down, and destroys them. Prop Hunt is hit or miss for me. If I'm hiding, I usually manage to get found within the first minute or so, and when I'm hunting, the rest of my team always manages to track them down before I do. Every once in a while I manage to find a perfect hiding place and win the round, but it's pretty rare. Still, my friend gets a kick out of how goofy it is - he loves hiding in cramped corners of the map and laughing as the other team walks right past him.

I enjoyed myself today - so much so that I kept playing for over an hour after my friend left. I guess it's a testament to the value in trying different things, even if you think you'll hate them. Fun experiences can be had even in genres you're uncomfortable with.

If anyone actually reads this, let me know what you thought. If you have any Call of Duty memories, fond or foul, it'd be awesome if you'd share them in the comments. And lest you worry about the wisdom of doing this blog on a Final Fantasy fan site, rest assured I will be talking about Final Fantasy games quite frequently. Like I said, this was a weird night for me. I'm currently making my way through both Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XI (alternating my subscription about every month), and I'm trying to play them at least a little every day. I fully expect to be talking about Final Fantasy games more often than not.
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