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Rémy's Video Game Journal #2 (Final Fantasy XIV, Kingdom Hearts)

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Hello, everyone! I played a bit of Final Fantasy XIV today. There’s a holiday event going on right now, so that’s what I did. When most MMOs do holiday events, I find them to be underwhelming, and generally a waste of time. But Final Fantasy XIV has some fun ones. The event quests are always small in scope, but they usually tell fun and heartwarming stories. This event, Valentione’s and Little Ladies' Day, is no exception. I helped Elyne, a young girl who wants to be an adventurer, deliver sweets to a children’s hospital in Ul’dah. It was a nice quest that put a smile on my face.

I also started Kingdom Hearts today! I’ve never been very interested in Kingdom Hearts, for as much as I love Final Fantasy and Square Enix, I don’t really enjoy much of Disney’s animation. I played the original Kingdom Hearts once a few years ago, and I wasn’t a fan. But I tried Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory when it came out in November, as I love rhythm games and I love Yoko Shimomura (who, in addition to being the primary composer of Kingdom Hearts, composed the music of Final Fantasy XV). I so enjoyed that game that I thought I’d give the original Kingdom Hearts a try. Currently, I’m struggling a bit with the combat system. I’ve already died to the first boss, the shadow monster on Destiny Islands. The controls are a bit clunky, but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it.
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  1. Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    The first game is pretty clunky with it's controls. It took them getting to KHII to finally get a better grasp of what they wanted the controls to feel like. Thankfully the sequels are less platform heavy as the first entry.
  2. remy5623's Avatar
    Good to know. I've (of course, immediately after starting what was meant to be a series of blogs) been waylaid by work this last week and a half, and been unable to spend hardly any time playing video games. But I did enjoy my time so far with Kingdom Hearts, and I'm glad to know that the controls get better in KHII.
  3. Fynn's Avatar
    Don’t skip Chain of Memories! A lot of people dislike it and it is very different, but it’s honestly one of the coolest, most original titles in the genre
  4. ham's Avatar
    I plan on playing through the KH games again once I get the time. It might be my next series I tackle because it's Square-Enix and I've been playing a lot of Square-Enix based games. I had some pretty fond memories of KH1 and I hope your second play through is more fun for you. If I remember, I think it took me until the 2nd part of the game to get a really good grasp on the combat, but I think its because you get more combat options which makes the game a bit easier.
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