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Hi everyone,

If I've learned anything, it's that this site is for gamers, not for readers. This is not the site to go to for written art and to expect any support. In which case I am taking my work to greener pastures, to an audience who can do more in life than just twiddle their thumbs and stare mindlessly at screens. For anyone who truly had any interest, I'm sorry. I will not be posting any more of my book on EyesonFF and will be shutting down my blog page.

Guess the passion for Final Fantasy doesn't run that deep, after all. It's like a star that burns and dies unknown in the dark. No wonder stars go out in a blast of violent, silent fury! Only to fade into a meek white dwarf, small and heavy-hearted. Again, sorry to disappoint, but then I think the only one who wound up disappointed was me.
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  1. ham's Avatar
    Ah, that is unfortunate. Does that mean you will be leaving the site altogether or will just stop posting your stories? I know this is a bit late but I am a bit of lurker when it comes to this site.
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