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Oh yeah these things existed. I hate the other 3 I made, but I'll keep up the theme.

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Yeah I gonna try college for the 3rd time, last 2 times smurfed up, but I'm an old man now so think I've learned to calm down a bit more. It's a relatively low level course, but I suppose it is a step up from waiting for die to happen because you got no purpose aye.

Got ma own money this time, and mental health medicine too. Yes I finally did it after 3000 years, went to a doctor, woaow. Mum wasn't much help, just had to grit it and do it maself. I did have a job but things fell through with that one. I have no idea why I am writing this, probably just feeling a little nostalgic yup. Not nostalgic for all the other stuff, just for EoFF because it was a fun place to be, I still am here all the time though just in the discord instead. If you go there stay away from the FFXIV channel, you might get scarred for life with some of the things that Jinx and Jesswee post aboot. Haven't slept in 50 years because of it.

Oh yeah i cooked once, yeah instead of 12 now I'm 13 what an upgrade. That one was sarcasm btw.

now lemme get my walking stick.
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  1. Christmas's Avatar
    Dun give up buddy! I got a military job straight after high school and did part time college (Cuz I was broke and got poor results). Tried to get some jobs that I wanted but got shrugged as people prefer full time college graduate from an elite school. It was quite depressing but I learnt not to chase for success but instead on fulfillment as I realized happiness should not be contingent upon the former. Somehow time passed and I landed in an organization much better than those that I wanted.

    Take care and punch your Ex-Deaths if you feel the need to.

    Fulfillment is a state of being while success is merely an outcome - From some guy I read off the internet.
  2. ham's Avatar
    I'm glad I caught this post! I'm rooting for you. I'm an older student myself trying to start my career in accounting. It definitely feels strange and weird but over time it does get easier when you meet people who are in that same category.