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FF12 and quick life update

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Been a cool minute since I updated.

Picked up where I left off from Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age. This game is turning out to be more of a time sink than I had anticipated. Overall, I feel if I had more time I'd thoroughly enjoy the game and the battle system. Not wanting to detract from original intent in finishing all the main titles of Final Fantasy and their spin offs, I decided to power through once again. Except this time I'm doing it offline since setting up a streaming schedule is also a lot harder now.

I had to dial back on school and am working a full time job at a corporation. My education goals have been the same. I just realize I need to live life instead of postponing the things I want to do after I finished. Decided to take it a bit slower and see if I can ramp up once I get comfortable with my schedule.

I still lurk the forums but as always am trying to become a more active member. I'm hoping I can finish FF12 & FF13 trilogy before FF16 comes out. Sorry for the inconsistent numbering of the titles.

Looking forward to seeing you all in the forums.
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  1. Dr. Acula's Avatar
    Good luck! Totally get the games/work/school balance thing.
  2. Quindiana Jones's Avatar
    The limits of time are just the worst for gaming.
  3. ham's Avatar
    @Dr. Acula: Yee, it's rough, but I am learning how to navigate it!

    @Quintuky fied Chicken: Time is a pain.