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Finished FFXII

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I finished Final Fantasy XII and by far I can say it is my least favorite game which is a bummer because I really love the world of Ivalice.

My biggest gripe is the battle system mechanics -- I felt like there were certain things I wanted to do but did not have the proper spell to do them. I'd chalk this up to me not really trying to learn the mechanics of the game. It is also the only title that took me a long time to complete in terms of playing the game and not in-game hours. I racked a total of 36-40 hours in the game when I finally closed it last night but that journey was over the course of a year plus.

I thought the story was pretty good, it reminded me a lot of Star Wars and a bit of Final Fantasy II. One thing I felt was really off was the synergy between the cast of characters. I didn't feel like all the characters really synergized. It makes me wonder what the writing team had in mind and if anything was cut from the final product.

Overall, I am glad I played it and will revisit the game in New Game+ and take more time with it. I think the combination of life events and the feeling of just getting through the game made me want to run through it as fast as possible.

The next title is Final Fantasy XIII trilogy! But before that, I am going to take a break and play some other games on my list. I'm eyeing Chained Echoes and Persona 5 Royal.
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