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Christmas Feasts and Pig-Outs!

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Allow me to share my fascinating train of thought, concerning last year's abuse of Christmas food and that unavoidable thing called "guilt".

Prior to December last year, I weighed 60 kg. Now, I have always been a skinny guy, and putting on some muscle weight has always been a little difficult for me. I won that struggle, though. Well, I seriously thought that Christmas time would quite literally weigh heavy on me, but it didn't.

I have a daily work out routine, and a stritct policy about what I put into my cake hole. Which is NEVER cake, by the way. Anyway, I deliberately decided NOT to put a pause on my routines during Christmas, which was a wise move.

I've eaten... correction, I ATE like a Snorlax. All of the dreamy crap. Crap I would never have touched, but luckily, Monday rolled around, and not a moment too soon.

According to so-called "experts", I am underweight. I scuff at that, but I cannot deny the fact that my ribs are poking out. I'm 24, 5'10" and a guy.

So, what's this all about? Well, I felt guilty like never before. Why do we need to eat? WHY do we have insatiable cravings?

"I eat to live. I don't live to eat!"
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