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I'll Find My Way to You

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Why should you care? I completely agree, but to GJ fans, this release is like honey from the heavens!

"Muse" is considered to be Grace's "lost album", and it's been nigh-impossible to get your hands on the old vinyl and it is not exactly a dinosaur. It's from 1979. The album was released in the year of the so-called dicso-backlash, so it didn't garner much attention. The single "On Your Knees", peaked at number #28 on the Dance Charts, and the album itself climbed to #156 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1979.

Personally speaking, the album's meant a lot to me over the years. It's been a huge comfort in troubled times, and it still connects to this day. The song "I'll Find My Way to You" is still my favorite GJ song, and now I am finally able to listen to it completely remastered.

Like I said, why should you care? Again, I agree. But, I don't doubt that some of you can relate to my point. We all have stuff that we consider "creature comforts". Certain songs. Certain movies. Certain books. Particular things that inevitably invoke nostalgia in even the toughest of hearts.

Thank you Gold Legion: disco music
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