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Carl the Llama

Squeenix... helpful or not?

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basically I just had a long ass convo with one of squeenix's employee's:

SEE Agent Michael: Hello and thank you for contacting SQUARE ENIX Customer Support. Just a few moments while I review your question, please.
You: the question has changed
You: lol
You: I went through this yesterday with an SEE names Karen
You: named*
SEE Agent Michael: How can I help?
You: basically I didn't write the password she gave me
You: and I had a powercut
You: and it was a random password so I have forgotten it

Security stuff~

SEE Agent Michael: Could you tell me the name of any of your characters?
You: Taser Tefian (mule) Shimone
You: there are others but its been a while

New Password~

You: thanks~
SEE Agent Michael: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
You: as it happens there is
SEE Agent Michael: ok
You: When I went to log in yesterday with the the new password Karen gave me
You: it said I had arrears to pay
SEE Agent Michael: Yes
SEE Agent Michael: You will need to follow the steps through the PlayOnline viewer
You: but seeing as I had my account hijacked there are arrears that the hijacker left
You: they are*
You: and its quite a large amount (around £23)
SEE Agent Michael: How do you know the account was hacked?
You: because I have the same password for everything
You: and the password was changed
SEE Agent Michael: The PlayOnline password wold have been assigned like the one I just gave you.
SEE Agent Michael: would
You: when I first made the account it was not done that way, I signed up many years ago and would frequently take breaks from the game
You: long breaks
You: as such I know I would not be able to remember a random password
SEE Agent Michael: ok, the only thing I can do is open a compromised account investigation. This will take approximately 5 weeks to complete.
You: I also want to know something else
SEE Agent Michael: Do you wish to continue?
You: that depends
You: I would reactivate my old account
You: and pay the fee's the hacker left
You: if I knew that my gil and armor were still there
SEE Agent Michael: Unfortunately we cannot see that
You: is there anyway you can check to see that?
You: :/
SEE Agent Michael: If you do pay the fees it will also not be possible to provide a refund
You: is there anyways I can check it without paying the fee's? like a temporary lift with an hours worth of game time or something?
You: or have one of the GM's check it (if possible)
SEE Agent Michael: Which character?
You: Taser was my main with Tefian as the mule
You: so those 2
SEE Agent Michael: and the world?
You: it used to be Unicorn lol, so im guessing Fenrir now
SEE Agent Michael: ok, I am trying to check.
You: you have my thanks
SEE Agent Michael: I tried but unfortunately we can't see you would need to log in and check.
You: is there anyway you can log in? I have no problem with someone checking, I just want to know how many items are in my mog house of these 2 characters along with their inventorys
SEE Agent Michael: unfortunately no
You: hmm...
You: if my items and gil are missing is there anyway I could get them back?
You: cause its been so long, I don't know if there will be any record from Unicorn
SEE Agent Michael: You would then contact us again and we would open a compromised account case. If proof of compromise was found we may be able to perform a rollback.
You: would the data from the rollback still be available?
SEE Agent Michael: How long ago did you last play?
You: well over a year ago
You: maybe even 2 years
SEE Agent Michael: Unfortunately that is too long
You: thats what I figured
SEE Agent Michael: Sorry
You: would you even be able to do an investigation to determine that my account was hacked, thus lifting those hefty fee's?
SEE Agent Michael: Maybe but if you pay them we may not be able to provide a refund.
SEE Agent Michael: It is possble that your character data will be missing even if your account was not compromised.
You: missing?
SEE Agent Michael: We can only guarantee all your character data items etc. will be saved for 3 months
SEE Agent Michael: If it has been longer than this it may be gone.
You: how high is the possiblity that it has been purged?
SEE Agent Michael: Unfortunately only the head office in Japan can correctly determine if the account was compromised.
SEE Agent Michael: And this can take 5 weeks
You: if you do your investigation, will there be the posibility that you can find out if my character data is there?
SEE Agent Michael: no you would still have to wait until you had logged in
You: :/
You: hmm... I guess I have no choice but to go ahead with the investigation
SEE Agent Michael: To start a compromised account investigation we would like you to answer the following questions:

1) Which kind of internet provider(s) have you used?
2) When did you last logged out? (date and time)
3) When did you notice the issue? (date and time)
4) Have you ever accessed your PlayOnline ID outside your usual login location (friendís house/holiday) by adding your ID and password as a Member?
5) If you're using a PC, has the PC been infected by a virus or spyware?
SEE Agent Michael: Wait have you already opened a compromised account case before?
You: I might have done lol
You: I did attempt to get my account back quite some time ago, I can provide an aproximate date
SEE Agent Michael: ok one moment please
SEE Agent Michael: Can you give me a valid contact email address?
You: email address~
SEE Agent Michael: Thank you, one more moment please I am just checking what needs to be done.
You: thanks~
SEE Agent Michael: Ok I will keep looking in to this and we will contact you using the email address you provided.
You: thanks alot Michael, any idea when that will be?
SEE Agent Michael: Hopefully today but I am not sure
You: ok awesome, thanks for all your help, I hope to be hearing from you soon ^^
SEE Agent Michael: Thank you for visiting our SQUARE ENIX Support Chat line. Take care and have a good day!
You: you too~
You have disconnected.

So I want to know your thoughts, do I have any chance of getting my account back intact? pr am I completely screwed?


  1. Jiro's Avatar
    You are probably screwed bro It sounds like they're going to sting you for the fees regardless, and then either your account is empty or has been purged. What a damn pain in the ass for you
  2. Carl the Llama's Avatar
    Well they are doing the investigation, if they don't remove the fee's then I can just buy a new game, it only costs £14.49 for the game, all the expansions (CoP, RotZ, ToAU and WotG) 3 addon scenarios and 3 addon battle areas, its its well worth it, I have been playing with a 2 week trial and the game has had alot of changes, the exp is no longer capped at 200 per kill with no chain, and all the mobs give more exp now (an ep gave me 120 earlier xD) so leveling back up to where I was shouldn't be a problem, the only reason I want my old account back is for the gil and equipment.
  3. Tigmafuzz's Avatar
    They would have been able to help you much more if all Squeenix employees were requierd to speak both English and Japanese, thus reducing the need for red tape between the Japanese headquarters and the non-Japanese customer support. But on topic, I'm pretty sure you're screwed.