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Carl the Llama

The KaiserDragon Speaks, you noobs shall listen!

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Apparently I have been an idiot, I woke up in the middle of my sleepy time and decided to be an idiot and moan like a top dollar hookah!

Yep, I bitched at one of the mods, I completely misinterpreted what he said and I behaved like one of these:

So I decided I would make a blog to allow all of you guys to poke fun at me without the risk of being banned from EoEO, go ahead, call me an idiot I deserve it.


  1. G13's Avatar
    You behaved like a Ford?
  2. Carl the Llama's Avatar
    Yea, an old ford, I started my engine, moaned that I got woken up so early had a break down, called up the engineer he came and set me right, discovered that the engineer was awesome. The End? xD
  3. Freya's Avatar
    Told you to take a nap. Did you listen? No you refused a cookie. WHO REFUSES COOKIES?! The French, that's who. Don't be French. No one likes them.
  4. Carl the Llama's Avatar
    Your right, I didn't listen, I became... a.. a... A FRENCH FORD!!! WAAAAHHHHH!!!
  5. Shaibana's Avatar
    You, sir, are an idiot..
    there ya go
  6. Gamblet's Avatar
    I like cookies.