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Finished FF13 yesterday!

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I was way overlevelled for the final boss because I thought if I hit the CP cap I could just fill out my stage 10's. Unfortunately that is not the case and I only filled out the main roles for each character. I kind of want to get the Master's Seal trophy but I don't know why since I'm not even connected to PSN on the account I use for gaming.

It felt like the shortest ending to a FF game ever. But it was pretty.

In a way it was sort of as ambiguous as the beginning, a lot of stuff didn't really get a resolution or an answer or a flashback. I'll five star the final boss one day just to see if I can understand it better after some time.

Best battle system in a FF ever in my opinion though. And also it makes sense to make a sequel if there's more to this story, so I'll probably play XIII-2 one day. Sazh and Lightning were the best characters. Dungeon banter was super great, ex:

Sazh, after a miniboss fight: "This is not the recipe for a long life."

or, after I took out Hope for use in the battle party after a long hiatus:

"I don't need that much rest!"

Little details are really cool to me.
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  1. Tigmafuzz's Avatar
    "It's the little things..."
    - Lots of famous people
  2. Raistlin's Avatar
    "Ambiguous" is a polite word for that ending. "Nonsensical" was the one I used.