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Freya plays FFV (for the first time) Part 1

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Hello there. I've decided to play through FFV. I have never done so and I know a certain former pokey pirate who's claims this as his favorite. Justy told me to get the GBA version, so here I am. What's this blog about? Well my comments as I play. Also if you have any tips cause I know nothing about this one xD

Freya says (12:01 AM):
well that's convenient asshole
"do you remember anything else?" "nope just my name!"
Justy says (12:01 AM):
hes a crazy old man
that one has a job system! its fun
Freya says (12:02 AM):
sake's alive!
"I'm going to the windshrine" "OH hay I remember that's where I was going. It's decided, I'm going with you." wtf why does he get to go. I'd be like uh no smurf you dude, you're a crazy old man.
Freya says (12:03 AM):
And bartz just leaves the young girl he saved from goblins with some random crazy old dude
Freya says (12:06 AM):
I died cause I tabbed out and didn't pause
I haven't saved it yet
all that cutsceneness
Justy says (12:07 AM):
Kaycee says (12:20 AM):
Finally back to where I was before. They talk too much
WOO i gained a level
Bitches better recgonize
Kaycee says (12:21 AM):
how can three people fit on one chocobo?
Justy says (12:32 AM):
you leveeld up
Kaycee says (12:32 AM):

twice now!
Justy says (12:32 AM):
my favorite charcter is Faris
have you met Faris yet?
Kaycee says (12:32 AM):
they were in teh beginning cut scene
Kaycee says (12:33 AM):
oh hay a pirate!
Kaycee says (12:38 AM):
three people who probably know tit about a boat try to steal it xD
Kaycee says (12:38 AM):
oh there's faris!
Justy says (12:38 AM):

Faris makes me think of Leela
Justy says (12:39 AM):
Kaycee says (12:39 AM):
"wha? Princess...." What's with all these FF's where the princesses always try to go off on their own
Kaycee says (12:44 AM):
I like how all these pirates are brightly colored. I think I know what kinda pirates they really are? Get it.
Get it
Freya's sister says (12:44 AM):
lol got it
Kaycee says (12:44 AM):
butt pirates, I mean butt pirates
Kaycee says (12:45 AM):
OOOO a dragon thing

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  1. Yar's Avatar
    I love this one. I hope you can finish it!! It really is good if you can stick with it.
  2. Tigmafuzz's Avatar
    May contain minor spoilers.
    Also, there is a board here on this very site dedicated to FFV.
  3. Freya's Avatar
    Yes I know. But I don't want to spoil myself on anything as I'm going.