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I like them. I'm lazy and I drive a lot. I've been trying to find an amusing werewolf paranormal romance that doesn't royally suck. You know how hard this is? Why do they have to put such lame covers on so many fantasy type books. Do people buy them with such lame covers? ugh. This is why normal people make fun of fantasy so much you know!
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  1. Shlup's Avatar
    I've tried listening to audio books while driving, but I find the reader's voice too distracting. I just can't ever take it seriously. xP
  2. Tigmafuzz's Avatar
    "Werewolf paranormal romance" sounds like it would suck in itself :P
  3. Freya's Avatar
    NUUH! How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper is hilarious. I love that writer and love the narrator even more so. Amanda Ronconi. I say give her a try Shlup. I actually laugh out loud to the Molly Harper books and audobooks. The Naked Werewolf ones get a little predictable but they are still really funny. Think buffyish type humor. Her Vampire series is better and just as giggleworthy.

    I tried to listen to the hunger games audiobook the other day. Ugh how can anyone make the term "flesh eater" sound boring?