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The Wall

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I intend to make a great gaming wall as a tribute to all the great games I've played. :] So gonna keep track of it in this here blog.

and here's the humble start to the wall! Well, not too humble. That Mega Man is made of 2832 beads and took me 4+ hours to make.

Now what might my next project be! Nobody knows!


  1. Rye's Avatar
    That rocks!
  2. Slothy's Avatar
    How could I also go about making something so awesome?
  3. Levian's Avatar
    I'll make a handy guide!

    Finding Resources:
    This is a bit troublesome. There are three major brands of beads in existance. Perler, Hama and Nabbi. Hama is only available in Europe and Perler is only available in USA. No idea how things are in Canada, sorry, but I think it's pretty much like USA. What sucks is that Perler have colors that Hama don't and Hama have colors that Perler don't. This essentially means that you have to buy beads from a private person on whichever continent you don't live on in order to have a complete pallette of colors. You can make NES sprites no problem with just perler or just hama, but if you move on to SNES sprites, you're going to run into trouble when you can't seem to find suitable gradients for the sprite you want to make. My sprite up there is a mix of about 50% Hama and 50% Nabbi. Beads can be bought in crafting shops, toy stores or the internet.

    After you've found the beads you want, the only thing you need are pegboards, baking sheets and an Iron.

    Finding a sprite to bead:
    Option 1: Find one you'd like to bead from The Shyguy Kingdom NES are easier to make than SNES, so might want to start there.
    Option 2: If the sprite you want to make is not on that website, like my megaman above, get an emulator + rom and print screen when you see what you want to bead.

    Making your sprite into a blueprint.
    Open up your image in Paint. Zoom in on it however close you want. Click CTRL + G to make a grid pop up, that should make it easier to place the beads correctly.

    Now you're all set!
  4. G13's Avatar
    That is incredible! You should make and sell those! You could probably sell them on that Etsy site Rye's always talking about.
  5. Shlup's Avatar
    Okay, I have seen these bead things, but I have never seen them before end up looking cool. Maybe it's the size, maybe it's that you're making a wall of it, but I am feeling inspired.

    Except that your pic is too damn big for these ridiculously skinny layouts. Blah.
  6. Levian's Avatar
    I considered resizing it, but then I didn't. The vital part is visible anyway.
  7. Levian's Avatar
    Epilogue: I totally neglected this project. lolz.