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Here is a dream I had that I made sharky and mike listen to.

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[00:12:01] foa> want to hear a crazy ass dream I had
[00:13:24] Sharky> sure
[00:13:43] foa> I forget how it started but it had something to do with my grandma's house which I've been dreaming of quite a bit lately
[00:13:55] foa> but I forget that part
[00:14:03] foa> and somehow I ended up with this huge group of people
[00:14:16] foa> in an olympic sized swimming pool that had been drained
[00:14:35] foa> so we're all standing in there because it was a time machine
[00:14:43] foa> so we're going back to like renaissance time and I'm dressed like a princess
[00:15:00] foa> o the time machine starts to do it's time machine thing
[00:15:21] foa> and we're "back in time" only we're still in a swimming pool
[00:15:35] foa> and there are smurfING ZOMBIES EVERYWHERE
[00:16:26] foa> so people are losing their tit trying to escape
[00:16:32] foa> first you have to climb out of the pool
[00:16:46] foa> and then knock some zombies out of your way and bust out of these huge glass windows
[00:17:07] Sharky> you sound a bit stressed
[00:17:34] foa> so I bash some zombies, crawl over some people
[00:17:38] foa> and dive out a window
[00:17:43] foa> still dressed like a princess, mind you
[00:18:25] Sharky> well I hope you remained demure and composed
[00:18:32] Sharky> after all, you're princess
[00:18:49] foa> some people from twd were there
[00:18:52] foa> Lori was, definitely
[00:18:58] foa> because I remember thinkign "OH GREAT"
[00:19:19] foa> so I'm on top of this huge hill
[00:19:30] foa> which is actually like a giant sized version of my grandma's driveway
[00:19:38] foa> and I finally look around and decide to play dead
[00:19:41] foa> so I fall in a heap
[00:20:53] foa> so I wait until nightfall
[00:21:06] foa> and then I walk down the mountain and into the bottom in front of where my aunt lives
[00:21:16] foa> and there I meet Chad Kroeger and Yen Sid
[00:21:20] Sharky> laying in some dead bodies?
[00:21:55] foa> no, the zombies went back to the swimming pool/time machine
[00:22:50] Sharky> so the zombies are a localized phenomenon?
[00:23:00] foa> i dunno
[00:23:20] foa> so anyway Chad Kroeger turns into some awesome guy that was no longer Chad Kroeger
[00:23:31] foa> and Yen Sid reveals the both of us have the ability to conjure fire
[00:24:10] foa> and I
[00:24:15] foa> still dressed like a princess
[00:24:29] foa> am like "smurf YEAH COME AT ME ZOMBRO"

Here is what my princess outfit looked sort of like:

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  1. Jessweeee♪'s Avatar
    I wonder if any princesses ever actually wore the cone hat.
  2. Sephex's Avatar
    Sounds like a fun, action packed dream!