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Before and After: Healthy and Happy

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As some of you know, I had an eating disorder. I won't go into details of it again, but I ran across a picture of me at my most minimal.

Here's a picture from my lowest of low:

It is shocking for me to lay eyes upon this today. I was 54 kg and looked very sick! Look at my bones. No wonder why people were worried.

This is a picture of me today:

Much better if you ask me! After my recovery, I began working out again (as I did before my struggle) and I feel so much healthier and definitely happier!
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  1. Parker's Avatar
    youre looking so much better.

    congrats on even realizing you had a problem...some people don't even get that far. well done, be healthy
  2. Shaibana's Avatar
    You look verry good and healthy on your present picture
    Grats for overcomming that decease!
    and make sure you dont roll back in that nasty habbit :O
  3. Jinx's Avatar
    Yay! As a sister who has been there with you, I am so proud of you!