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I'm calling it now

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This is going to go the same way as 'social groups' which were all the rage for a few minutes after the last upgrade

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  1. Loony BoB's Avatar
    Nah, these are much more obvious. They might even feature on the frontsite and forums index on occasion, although that hasn't been looked into in much depth just yet. Social groups are something I never really cared about, personally, but I think the blogs could turn out good if done right. It's a good place to post about things you can't put into threads, like more idle thoughts and chatter without the need for a topic for people to reply to.
  2. Levian's Avatar
    You're that guy who said the internet was gunna flop.
  3. Slothy's Avatar
    What Bob said pretty much.
  4. Christmas's Avatar
    Nice profile pic, whoever that did it is awesome.