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Such ridiculous BS

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This is what passes for feminism???
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  1. Peegee's Avatar
    - this isn't feminism
    - no true feminist fallacy
    - this is fair
    - 100% paternity test wouldn't result in happier families (because the man knows the child is his)

    Hey guess what ? I was 3 years old when this philosophy was realized
    I asked mom: how do you know I am your child?
    she said there were witnesses.

    I didn't ask my follow-up questions.
  2. krissy's Avatar
    as soon as someone writes 'Now I can see that...' i'm ready to stand up and walk away from what i'm reading.
    but i kept reading just for u

    ' relieved any number of men of their moral obligations,'

    it's not my kid but the moral obligation is still there?
    melanie mcdonagh seems to be a lovely woman who should join eoff so that we can discuss her other articles too, like 'The case against gay marriage' and 'Why Prof Dawkins has it wrong'
  3. MonikaJames's Avatar
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