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New movie names

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Moral Kombat.
-Like Mortal Kombat, except people don't get to cheat by turning into dragons and freezing each other and tit.

A Cockwork Orange
-Chronicles the life of a citrus abused by a lonely migrant worker

Forrest Gum
-Documentary on rubber trees in South America owned by the Wrigley company

-Charlie Sheen finds Plato alive in a vietcong rathole tunnel.

Paths of Gory
-Kubrick's long-lost WWI snuff film

-A coke fiend grafts a toy car to his face to hide his reptured septum

-Ecstasy-infused scots crash a party

Reservoir Dog
-A stray dog is rescued in a wash

The Kings Speeh
-A stuttering king finds out he has additional speech problems

Ocean's 1
-A man fails to rip off a casino due to working alone on an 11-man job

-A gladiator paints frescoes with the blood of his opponents

Apocalypse No
-Documentary on failed end-time predictions

Plane of the Apes
-like Snakes on a Plane, except everyone is Samuel L. Jackson

The Socal Network
-A southern california pot farmer gets busted

The Hanover
-Alcoholics accidentally fly to Germany instead of Vegas

Edward Scissorhand
-The story of a man with a pair of scissors for only one hand.

The Rig
-A man finds a haunted truck, bad things happen, typical bad horror plot

Host Rider
-A talk show host gets on a motorcycle and decides to fight evil.

-The story of a futuristic Detroit where crime is so bad that even cops rob people.

Beauty and the Best
-A beautiful woman meets a man who thinks he's the best at everything and their superiority complexes clash with each other

Source Cod
-A movie that takes place in an alternate history where CoD was made in Valve's Source engine.

The Wizard of O
-The story of a wizard who magically gives people orgasms.

Full Meal Jacket
-US Marines feast on coats.

The Silence of the Labs
-When the dogs next door haven't been heard barking for a few days, an elderly couple seeks out to solve a mystery beyond their wildest imagination.

Nanny McPee
-A teenage boy recalls of his nanny with incontinence problems

The Ion King
-The Ruler of all Radicals comes to the big screen.

The Sum of All Ears
-A man goes on a lifelong quest to find out the number of ears on the whole earth.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The Word
-A pilgrim named Scott becomes enraged at his own religion and attempts to erase the Bible from the knowledge of everyone on earth.

The Fat and the Furious
-Overly obese man befriends guy with anger issues and they start street racing.

'ight Club
-black men just agreeing with each other

Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dad
-It's the exact same movie as Mrs. Doubtfire

Indian Jones
-711 clerk who moonlights as a professional scavenger hunter.

Pokemon: The Fist Movie
-A remake of the first pokemon movie, except all the shots now focus on the characters fists

Brokeback Mountin'
-Same movie

Jurassic Arc
-The other boat didn't fare so well.

-A documentary on the complex electrical infrastructure the developed world relies so much on

The Hills Have Eys
-Seven guidos living on the hills of Rome that shout "EY" at passersby

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Tone
-Harry's philosophy teacher always sounds angry

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret
-Harry misconstrues the meaning of "Snape is in the closet." Rape ensues.

Harry Potter and the Prisone of Azkaban
-Harry travels to a mythical gulag off the coast of Ireland.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Ire
-A passive-aggressive goblet who doesn't choose any wizards for the Triwizard Tournament because "it's not like any of you give a crap about me."

Harry Potter and the Oder of the Phoenix
-Harry and the gang's quest to find working mythical deodorant for Fawkes

Harry Potter and the Half-Bloo Prince
-Harry visits Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallos
-Being greeted in a Swedish accent all the time annoys people to death

-A Japanese documentary about Sheep.

-A movie about post-apocalypic Earth buried under a wall of garbage with no way to dig themselves out.

Gone with the Win
-A man wins the lottery and decides to ditch his titty hometown for a better life.

The Princess Ride
...It's porn.

Schindler's Lit
-The story about a Jew that was baked 24/7

The Gir with the Dragon Tattoo
-Gir from Invader Zim is aided in his search for a woman who has been missing for forty years by a young computer hacker.

-all of /v/ plays a zombie mmo

Monty Python and the Holy Rail
-The whole Monty Python ensemble plays Quake.

The Da Vinci Cod
-a fish holds the key to the Bible's secrets

Reaking Bad
-chemistry teacher discovers his body odor can kill

Braking Bad
-short informative video about replacing your car's brake pads

The Walking Dad
-A boy comes home to discover his crippled father walking again. He also turns into a zombie. Scientists study this phenomenon and decide to inject zombification chemicals into people to cure their crippled limbs. Society collapses.

No Country For Old Me
-An aging man becomes overwhelmed with the intricacies of modern life and culture so he decides to move to a new country, but upon discovering that the social memes span across different borders, the old man realizes his fate and kills himself.

The Dark Night
-story of a movie theater in Colorado

The Hurt Locke
-The story of the Renaissance man John Locke who gets reall upset about people disagreeing with him

The Karat Kid
-a boy has a remarkable talent for identifying the purity of gold

-a golf caddy rubs his sack all over rich peoples golf clubs

Fro Hell
-Johnny Depp stars as a black man who can never get his hair just right

-a rat with a human nose looks for acceptance
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  1. Tigmafuzz's Avatar
    (SPOILER)Red Plant - how to properly take care of roses and prevent them from mutating into sentient carnivores

    RoboCp - a robot programmed to collect all the cp of the world and condense it into a single gigantic fileserver for personal use (however a robot would use cp)

    Pete Pan - Tinkerbell becomes an advanced wizard and casts a spell that curses all of Neverland to speak in one-syllable words

    500 Days of Sumer - the sudden, rapid downfall of Mesopotamian civilization

    Conn the Barbarian - a barbarian man who is amazingly talented at duping other people out of their possessions

    Iron Ma - in the world of the Jetsons, scientists invent robots that can procreate, and Rosie is a test subject

    Fight Lub - a man decides to take action against the common misspelling of words used on social networking sites

    MAS - an army surgeon in North Korea struggles with learning Spanish

    Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doo - oh dear god IT'S EVERYWHERE
  2. Tigmafuzz's Avatar
    (SPOILER)Petty Woman - a hooker who makes rich men fall in love with her so she can bleed them dry

    Gone in 6 Seconds - a man with short term memory loss dreams of being a magician... repeatedly

    Seel Magnolias - an animated movie about the trials and tribulations of female seels who can't understand why shellder evolves more quickly

    Cloudy with a Chance of Eatballs - it's raining testicles in a field of turkeys

    Horton Hears a Ho - obvious

    After Dak - a horror movie based on the terrifying real life story of Jiro going apetit on the forums

    Revolutionary Rod - the invention of the radio antenna (or a movie about the life of Ron Jeremy)

    Hoard the Duck - trying to get a shipment of several live animals across the border to be sold on the black market, the shipment of ducks is fed a bad batch of corn, and only one survives

    From Dusk 'til Daw - a man spends all night looking at cute cat pictures on the internet
  3. Tigmafuzz's Avatar
    With special thanks to Dak[22:25] <Jiro> I'm terrible at this game. Borat -> Brat
    [22:25] <Tig> Haha
    [22:25] <Tig> A man's adventures looking for the best sausage in Germany
    [22:26] <Tig> Haha that almost sounded wrong.
    [22:26] <Jiro> xD it does sound wrong
    [22:26] <Tig> "Excuse me, how is your sausage?"
    [22:27] <Jiro> The Amazing Spiderman -> The Amazing Spiderma
    [22:27] <Jiro> Also The Mazing Spiderman
    [22:27] <Tig> A man discovers his mother is actually a spider
    [22:27] <Jiro> Happy Feet -> Happy Fee
    [22:28] <Tig> A man discovers being bitten by a radioactive spider gave him super abilities, but he continues to just draw mazes in his spare time
    [22:28] <Jiro> Rain Man -> Ran Man
    [22:28] <Tig> A politician is way too ecstatic about being in charge of auditing major companies
    [22:28] <Tig> Ran Man... wtf could that possibly be xD
    [22:28] <Jiro> 300 -> 30
    [22:29] <Jiro> Troy -> Roy
    [22:29] <Tig> 30 would be the exact same story as 300 except with less people, but it somehow lasts only ten minutes less
    [22:29] <Jiro> Se7en -> Seen
    [22:30] <Jiro> Trainspotting -> Rainspotting
    [22:30] <Tig> Roy would be Fight Club from the perspective of a deaf mute xD
    [22:30] <Jiro> Also Transpotting
    [22:30] <Tig> Transpotting xD
    [22:30] <Tig> Oh man
    [22:30] <Tig> Transpotting - Sylvie's stalker
    [22:31] <Jiro> The Road -> The Rod, The Oad, He Road
    [22:31] <Tig> Seen - a bunch of crazy explosions happen and everyone in the world watchies the videos of them over and over again
    [22:31] <Tig> He Road - A retarded man names his child Road and tells everyone he knows
    [22:31] <Tig> The Rod - the life and times of Ron Jeremy
    [22:32] <Jiro> Jurassic Park -> Jurassic Pak
    [22:32] <Tig> The Oad - a man with a poor accent and the inability to say the letter L tried to tell people about the threat of the incoming society of Old to no avail and society is destroyed
    [22:33] <Tig> Jurassic Pak - discovery of the first Game Boy with built-in Rumble Pak from 14 million BCE proves that time travel is possible in the future
    [22:34] <Jiro> Be Kind, Rewind -> Be Kin, Rewind / Be Kind, Rewin
    [22:34] <Tig> Be Kin, Rewind - a guy tells his brother to make sure he rewinds his borrowed porn before it back
    [22:34] <Jiro> Gladiator -> Ladiator
    [22:34] <Tig> *before giving it back
    [22:35] <Jiro> Juno -> Uno
    [22:35] <Tig> Be Kind, Rewin - a man is torn between allowing a handicapped bowling team to take his title or winning again because he is the best
    [22:35] <Tig> Ladiator - A man thinks of himself as a sex god and has a really dumb nickname, and also always writes his b's and d's backwards
    [22:36] <Jiro> Brave -> Rave
    [22:36] <Jiro> Up -> P
    [22:36] <Tig> Uno - a girl decides to sleep with a kid in high school and after he gets her pregnant they never have sex again
    [22:37] <Jiro> Killer Joe -> Iller Joe
    [22:37] <Tig> Rave - a woman has an overdose from ecstasy and wakes up in a fantasy land but is really in a coma
    [22:37] <Tig> Iller Joe - the rise of a random rap artist named Joe
    [22:37] <Jiro> 8 Mile -> Mile, 8 Ile
    [22:38] <Tig> P - we are so poor from our stupid job of selling balloons that we could only afford one letter for the title of our adventure movie
    [22:38] <Jiro> Total Recall -> Total Reall
    [22:38] <Tig> Mile - Eminem goes for a short drive
    [22:39] <Tig> 8 Ile - Eminem gets lost in a very small grocery store
    [22:39] <Tig> Total Reall -uhhhhhhh
    [22:39] <Tig> Damn
    [22:39] <Tig> I need suggestions for Total Reall and Ran Man
    [22:40] <Jiro> Ran Man - a mentally challenged man sets out on a journey to run around the world
    [22:41] <Tig> xD
    [22:41] <Tig> perfect
    [22:41] <Tig> he is inspired by the scene from Forrest Gump
    [22:41] <Jiro> Total Reall - a teenage kid pops a couple too many pills and can't figure out what hallucinations are real
    [22:42] <Tig> awesome
    [22:42] <Tig> "does that woman really have three boobs? I'm freaking out maaaannnn"

  4. Guadag_8's Avatar
    Woah! This is interesting. My friends are coming over next week to my birthday party and I believe that this is going to be a very interesting game. All of us watch shows by Andy Yeatman and movies on Netflix. I am sure this is going to be a tough competition.