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Alright, I'm new to this. This is like my first blog ever... So I guess I'll just keep writing I've started a second faculty on university and it's killing me, actually... My schedule is so uptight - I have to go to classes from 8AM to 8PM on mondays, for example. But it will pay off. Being able to talk fluently in Japanese and knowing the Japanese culture in the future more than make up for all the pressure... For those of you, who don't know, my original faculty is English philology, at which, I must say, I'm awesome XD (althoguh I failed my history exam -_-). Anyhoo, Tsukasaki-sensei told me today, that my pronunciation is nice, and that made my day

I had this weird dream today. I met some EoFFers in real life, and it was fun, but then things got weird. 'Cause everyone started getting killed by something 0_o Hope it's not some apocalyptic prophecy... Interestingly, the last man standing was Wolf Kanno. Hmm...

Anyway, I don't know how often I'll be able to post stuff here, but I hope you enjoy my blog!
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  1. Badge's Avatar
    Good luck with your studies!
  2. Shlup's Avatar
    This guy just predicted the EoFF apocalypse. I'm calling it right here.