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I just feel like slamming my forehead into my desk over and over. There's not really a good reason for it either; I think I'm having hormonal issues.

I should be in a good mood! I got three promotions at work in the last week or so. I was promoted from seasonal to regular, and then I got a trainer position that I had interviewed for. I had to turn that one down, though, because just a couple of days ago I was offered the position above trainer. They want you to work as a regular for a year before applying for that, but they gave it to me after being a regular for two days (seasonal for four months), so I am basically the greatest.

I've been slowly updating my Etsy store, but I get discouraged because I'm not sure how I feel about my product photos. Either the image is dull, or the contrast is too high--I can't find a place that I'm happy with.

I've been spending the rest of my free time either in my pool, which has been as warm as a bath ever since BJ bought that solar cover for it, arguing with my father via Facebook, which you can watch here, collecting Disney pins, or reading (and blogging about) The Bible.

Starting tonight, though, I'll be properly immersed in Guild Wars 2, which I'm looking forward to because I could really use some mindless entertainment for a few days. I haven't decided what race or class to be; I've got less than two hours to think about it.
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    Yay promotions!