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I got banned from /r/conservative

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Hahahhahahaha So funny. I was checking it to see their opinion of the RNC and I had made this post.

This is my first venture into /r/conservative and I'm not liking it. Not because of your political affiliation of that being "conservative" but in the way I'm seeing most users post. I really dislike people using the term "liberal" as a derogatory term. Or the insinuating fact that all liberals are "idiots." I'm not liking this. Not liking this at all.

I got banned soon after. So funny! lolololololol
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  1. Hollycat's Avatar
    Welcome to 4chan. If you think I'm strange, just spend 5 minutes there.
  2. Freya's Avatar
    That's reddit, dear.
  3. Psychotic's Avatar
    Liberals are idiots, so that might have been why.
  4. Peegee's Avatar
    did you post anything else?
    they probably banned you thinking you were a troll. =/
  5. Freya's Avatar
    I had posted that and wasn't able to check back for hours. When I did, I was banned lol
  6. Yeargdribble's Avatar
    This seems par for the course there. I'd heard it's incredibly easy to gt banned there... especially if you bring up stuff about science. Sure, conservatives might get unfairly downvoted in the more liberal subs, but there's no outright banning conflicting opinions.

    Any of the times I've peaked into /r/conservative, it's been very little about actual issues and mostly about tit talking liberals or Obama. Very rarely can you find any reasonable discourse on the topics showing the strength of the opposite platform.

    It just reminds me of a Bill O'Reilly themed subreddit. If you bring up a point that makes us look bad or that we don't want to respond to, we will shout you down and if necessary, cut your mic so that you can't possibly make people deviate for a second from what were trying to make them believe.

    You weren't breaking redditquette, you were just pointing out that fact that they do indeed us liberal as a derogatory term. Where I live that's super common. Seriously, political attack adds need do nothing more than say, "Opponents name is LIBERAL!!" And they usually do it with this bile filled inflection. It is straight up a dirty word here.

    If they really wanted to change people's minds, they would answer questions and discuss the issues rather than shutting people down. I try to seek out different view points by looking for communities where reasonable discussion is had that opposes my own personal views, but sadly, almost all the time, things like /r/conservative are what I find. Differing opinions are not tolerated. Pure authoritarianism only.
  7. Tigmafuzz's Avatar
    The main problem is that most of the mods on reddit are completely biased and very immature. Post something they disagree with and they won't let you back into that sub ever again. They're children.
  8. Yeargdribble's Avatar
    I guess I've managed to mostly spend my reddit time in fairly quality subreddits, so I rarely run into these problems, though I have heard about some reddits having problems.
  9. Jiro's Avatar
    you dirty smurfing liberal
  10. Shlup's Avatar
    TIL my dad runs /r/conservative, apparently.