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The Return of Crazyass Dreams featuring Jiro Dakoda

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Last night I had a crazy dream where I totally inceptioned my way to defeating the laws of physics.

Jiro was having some kind of EoFF meeting at his house, which happened to be nestled in the mountains of North Carolina Australia, where I also lived. So nine EoFFers, none of whom I can remember besides shion, piled in his mom's Jeep and went to his house. We were talking about something and everyone started to go to sleep, so I decided it was adventure time.

There was this huuuuge river down below Jiro's house so I walked alongside it for a while when I came to this place with a bunch of large boulders. I clambered on top of one and it began to float downstream. I enjoyed the ride and looked at everything. Then I decided it was getting late so then the boulder changed direction and started floating back up the river against the current.

I had a magic rock.

So then I walked back to Jiro's house and he made us some macaroni and cheese.

The end.
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  1. Jiro's Avatar
    I would definitely feed you mac and cheese if you visited me. Also of course I was the one hosting the grand North Carolina Australia meet up

    There is actually a creek near my old place, not quite the size you would need to float down on top of a boulder but we could adventure the heck out of that place.
  2. Raistlin's Avatar
    I had a bizarre EoFF dream last night (which is not typical for me), where the staff held an elimination Thunderdome-style tournament for the whole forums, with people being paired off and given tasks. I don't remember who I was against, but the task was writing a story about something. Shlup was my judge (each pairing only had one staff judge, apparently) but she started talking about pictures of her slutty sister instead. I was amused.
  3. Sephex's Avatar
    I bet I was there. I better have been!
  4. Tigmafuzz's Avatar
    I was the one who placed the rock there for you. You're welcome.
  5. Jinx's Avatar
    I hope I was there.