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Diet, computers and other miscellaneous stuffs

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Now that the whole CK competition is over I finally have some time to get back to this and I figured I'd give an update on some things.

First, the diet has been treating me well. Last time I weighed myself (maybe two weeks ago I think) I was down to 290lbs. So that's about 10-15lbs. weight loss. I really should have weighed myself when I started, but the minimum I lost is 10lbs. My depression has been quite manageable as well. Most days it's not even an issue.

For anyone wondering when the follow up to Part 2 is coming, it should be soon. I wish I hadn't left it hanging for so long, but there's been a crap ton of stuff happening lately so bare with me.

Speaking of leaving things hanging, I'm going to get back to the Census and get at least one post in tonight.

And I'll also add a congratulations to the other winners of the CK competition, as well as to all of the participants. A lot of people worked really hard in that and did a great job. I can't imagine it was easy for the staff to come to a decision with so many great people involved.

And finally, one last thing: unless the tracking info on my Newegg order has lied to me I should have all of the parts for my new computer today. I know the processor is in the city and will be ready for pick up today. The rest was shipped separately and should be here today as well.

For those who've never built a computer before, it's a pretty exciting time when new parts come. Doubly exciting, and slightly nerve wracking right now since I'm reusing the case, graphics card, power supply and wireless card from my current machine. So if things go horribly wrong and any of the new parts are DOA, I might be without a computer tonight or stuck having to reassemble the old one until I can get things replaced.

What can I say? I like to live dangerously.

But don't any of you think that you'll be able to run wild and destroy the forums while I'm gone (if I'm gone). Shorty will be watching you, and I'll still have a computer at work. I may actually bring it home tonight actually so I'm not totally smurfed if this all goes pear shaped.

EDIT: Something else I almost forgot to mention regarding diet, I recommended watching the documentary Fat Head in one of my first posts on the subject. I'm pretty sure it's available on Netflix in the US for those of you who have it, but for those who don't it's also up on Youtube now, and is an actual legit version so ad revenue goes to Tom Naughton, the man who made it.

I can't recommend watching it enough for anyone interested in learning about how people actually get fat. He goes into a lot of what I've talked about in more detail, but always keeps it understandable, and even funny. Probably helps that he used to be a stand up comedian.

You can see it here:

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  1. Shorty's Avatar
    Oh, you're trying to lose weight? For some reason I thought you were trying to gain! I guess I haven't been paying attention Congratulations on your loss, though!
  2. Slothy's Avatar
    Nope, I do gain really easily though. I also have a tendency to ramble in these posts and not edit them so I would happily take the blame for any misunderstanding. Thanks for the support though. I had two main goals going into this: lose weight and control my depression, so progress on both fronts is great.

    But yeah, definitely don't need to gain weight right now seeing as I started this whole thing at or around 300lbs. Even if I carry that much weight better than most.
  3. Shorty's Avatar
    That is indeed awesome - good for you. I've lost 30 pounds so far this year and I don't technically need to lose anymore, but I'm still pushing.

    Rambling is fine, it's your own blog, silly!
  4. Slothy's Avatar
    Rambling may be fine, but I'd like people to actually read and understand me.

    I'm trying to be a bit better about being concise and cutting straight to the point. Despite hitting several topics in this post I think I was better than usual at getting to the point.
  5. Slothy's Avatar
    Damn it. Only my processor was in. The rest will be ready to be picked up tomorrow. Now my new i5 is just sitting there staring at me. Taunting me with its four cores...
  6. Peegee's Avatar
    still lifting?
  7. Slothy's Avatar
    Not really. My wife's been off work for a while so I haven't been going to the gym. There is a chinup bar in the laundry room I should make use of more often though. I have been doing a bit of biking here and there, but workouts have been hampered a bit by some nagging mobility issues in my legs causing me pain and discomfort. Been working them out with a bit of physiotherapy the last few weeks and am feeling much better.