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They call me Proto.

A week of #EyesonFF

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Alright! It's already been a week since the #EyesonFF DA group was founded, and we have a nice small group on our hands. I feel it may grow in the future! Under the advice of black orb, I requested affiliation with several groups that also focused in Final Fantasy, so this should increase membership and the size of our galleries! If it starts growing too large, I may want to promote some members into contributors to soften the load. I can only accept so much art with the time I have on the group. xD

With that, I leave you guys a moogle plushy doll someone recently submitted the other day.

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	lulu__s_moogle__crochet_by_brightdarkness7-d5ejswg.jpg 
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  1. Christmas's Avatar
    Oh mine!! It's cute!!! I like!!!