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My Plans for the Weekend.

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1.) Acquire Gun
2.) Blow brains out
3.) Don't show up to work on Monday
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  1. Miss Lady Shelly's Avatar
    you know u really are hurtin me by still saying stuff like this..
  2. Sephex's Avatar
    I apologize. This is meant to be morbidly humorous, to be fair.
  3. Miss Lady Shelly's Avatar
    Yeah well i dont find it funny at all
  4. Tigmafuzz's Avatar
    Step one seems redundant. You should already have several guns lying around, leftover from the Great Robot War.
  5. Huckleberry Quin's Avatar
    Nowt wrong with a bit of gallows humour.
  6. Christmas's Avatar
    I did this every weekend and I end up at work on monday without my head.
  7. Miss Lady Shelly's Avatar
    I took it wrong cuz i was in a real bad mood.
  8. fire_of_avalon's Avatar
    I am glad you decided to post pictures of you and Shelly instead of the whole dead thing.