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USA credit rating dropped again

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let's not forget that this was caused by voters who authorized representatives who persistently allowed low interest loans to artificially bubble different markets, which distributes wealth from honest and productive citizens toward the vested class of individuals, making everybody except the vested class poorer, raising prices of everything, and generally making people's lives worse off.
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  1. Jiro's Avatar
    Isn't this the kind of thing that brought on the GFC?
  2. Peegee's Avatar
    the great firewall of china?? what
  3. Jiro's Avatar
    No the credit rating thing. I briefly saw some news, mostly saying that something did something and the stock market went up but it sounded like the trout that put us in the Global Financial Crisis.
  4. Peegee's Avatar
    i still like my definition 'great firewall of china' better.

    some people say 'huk credit ratings don't mean anything to a country' - but basically the federal reserve is promising to continuously (as in with no end) buy up distressed properties until the economic recovery ends. They are propping up stock market prices by devaluing your currency - basically a subsidy to stock market traders. The 'unseen' consequences is pretty obvious - the price of gas is going up and eventually we might see commodity prices go up.

    oh wait...sec

    [url=]September 11 11 years later desu[/url]

    the cost of things IS going up.