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I sort of want to make a blind Let's Play video for youtube. Care to leave some suggestions of what game to play? For the record, a blind Let's Play would be me playing a game for the first time, a game I've never played before.

I don't have the equipment to record from my TV, so please just suggestions from PS1 or anything older than PS1. Old stuff like NES and SNES are very welcome too, of course. Preferrable, actually!
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  1. Laddy's Avatar
  2. Levian's Avatar
    I did play Earthbound once, but I never got that far, I think I got to the first town or something, so I guess that would make it semi-blind! Not sure if I want to crack open an RPG as my first game though. Lengthy!
  3. Laddy's Avatar
    How about something ty? Friday the 13th?
  4. Levian's Avatar
    Haha, actually played it. ty is a good way to describe it.
  5. Shlup's Avatar
    Legend of Zelda 2
  6. Levian's Avatar
    That could be very interesting. noted!
  7. Jessweeee♪'s Avatar
    Parappa the Rapper or Tomb Raider II o:
  8. Bunny's Avatar
    Destiny of an Emperor for the NES.
  9. Rye's Avatar