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Busy, busy, busy.

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Argh. I have been majorly frustrated these past couple of weeks. I actually wanted to apologise to the staff for being so absent. I really am sorry!

The reason why I've not cropped up lately is because I've returned to university now. Basically, I am in the second year and have a tremendous amount of work to do and a two hour commute. So, it's work, shower, sleep.

I just feel horrid that I got Editor, now I've disappeared for two weeks T_T

HOWEVER. New project coming up soon :3
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  1. Slothy's Avatar
    Only two weeks? Pfft, some of the staff have had longer "vacations" than that I'm sure. Glad you're back though and hopefully less stressed.

    Don't beat yourself up though. Two weeks is nothing really and the real world has to take priority.
  2. Roogle's Avatar
    I was wondering what you had been up to. If you ever feel like you will be away for some period of time, feel free to let people know.
  3. Agent Proto's Avatar
    Yeah, the folks here are pretty amazing and understanding, so don't worry too much if you need to have some time off to take care of life.
  4. Jiro's Avatar
    Could be much worse!