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What are the rules of the Discord Server?

Flaming. We don't allow flaming. Flaming means insulting other members of the chatroom. Be nice at all times. We try hard to keep things very friendly here. No flaming of any kind for any reason, period. Trying to induce others to flame (trolling) is a no-no too. If you feel you were flamed in chat, please inform the mods in private. DO NOT respond to the person who flamed you in kind. That will only escalate the situation and get yourself in trouble.

Lengthy diatribes. No lengthy diatribes.

Harassment. Like flaming and other antagonistic behaviors, harassment in all of it's forms will not be tolerated at Eyes on Final Fantasy. Harassment is defined as contact (or attention, eg. mentioning of the member in posts) that is expressly and directly known to be unwanted by the receiving party. This contact could take place anywhere on the Eyes on Final Fantasy site, forums, Discord server or via emails sent using Eyes on Final Fantasy. Eyes on Final Fantasy's staff do not take responsibility for any harassment taking place outside of these areas (this includes private chat outside of the Discord server), although we can offer guidance in such situations.

We expect all of our members to resolve conflicts as adults. Talk it out, be reasonable, find a compromise. If this is impossible, if you dislike a person, or if you do not wish to contact that person or see their posts, please use the Local Mute or Block feature. If the offending member does not leave you alone when asked or subverts your efforts to not be in contact with them and you have made an effort to make your wishes clear, then you should contact a member of EoFF staff. See also: Private Chat

Serious Life Chat Channel. This is essentially the Discord version of both Academia and The Lifestream. As such, it should be more respectful and serious in tone. Please refer to the rules for The Lifestream and the rules for Academia for reference on how we expect you to conduct yourselves. If you are not doing so, this may lead to a time out or a ban.

Advertising. If you came here just to advertise, don't waste your time. Anything viewed by the staff as blatant advertising will result in a warn, time out or ban.

Spamming. If you come into chat and constantly type out things that are completely nonsensical and disrupt the flow of the Discord server entirely, it will be considered spam. This can result in a warn, time out or ban.

External Links. Linking to pornography will lead to a ban. Linking to other crude material may lead to a warn, time out or ban.

Crude Discussion. Discussion of a nature deemed by a staff member to be inappropriate for the Discord server may lead to a warn, time out or ban.

Ruining The Groove. If your general attitude is agreed by a number of staff to be disruptive to the atmosphere of the Discord server, this may lead to a warn, time out or a ban.

Private Chat. Unfortunately not all staff have authority over what is said in private chat. If you have any issues regarding someone who his bugging you via private chat, it is suggested that you block them.

Time Out. Time Out is a Discord role that will stop you from posting in any of the Discord channels. There is also a role specific to the Serious Life Chat channel. This can, on occasion, be used as a way to warn members. Consider it a reminder of the rules. If you get put in Time Out repeatedly and do not feel it was justified, please contact a member of the EoFF staff.

Banning. Bans will last for a length of time deemed appropriate by the staff. Some bans may last minutes, some hours, some days, some indefinitely.

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