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    Howdy stranger.
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    It's nice to have that as an option. I always tried to keep my options open as I went through school and my undergraduate, just in case something good came up. It has paid off; maybe not in dramatic ways, but it certainly has helped enough. So good on ya for doing the sensible thing and being multitalented!

    Making video game music would be hella. I'm still keen as to write for a game one day, so perhaps one day we should find a programmer and make ourselves an indie studio I had a couple of friends doing game design and was trying to keep tabs on them but I dunno what they're doing these days. Maybe I should touch base and see if I can't open up another career path

    Plenty of oldbies have started popping up and sticking around lately, which is really unexpected but quite cool. And while we don't get as many newbies, a lot of them do stick around. It keeps it alive!

    Most of the stuff I do is short, critical essays on certain things. I did pieces on whether or not narrative is even necessary in video games, why Square Enix is pissing me off, and why I have an unhealthy obsession with Football Manager, among others. Fair bit of variety but it can be tough to think of something interesting to carry across ~1000 words. Still, it's great fun and I hope to do this for a long time to come
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    Cool! What kind of channel?

    Dark Souls is a series that seems to be harder at first than it actually is. It's still far more difficult than your average game these days, but a lot of things are really just a matter of properly learning how the game works and how to approach different things. Though there are few straight out bs parts too that will screw you over every now and then no matter how good you are.

    I really like the Dark Souls games though. The second has seen lots of improvements on many parts, but there are a few things that were better with the first one. The first one had more really epic boss battles for example.

    Other than that, Pokemon X & Y, Disgaea 4, Tales of Xillia and Tales of Graces as well as a PSP game called Dangan Ronpa are the most noteworthy that comes to mind. And then, I've been playing/reading a few Visual Novels as well that were pretty darn awesome. I'm currently reading Little Busters, and I'm loving it.

    What about you?
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    Wow, been a while! What's up? I'm doing pretty fine - been playing a lot of Dark Souls 2 recently. Have you ever tried those games?
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    Creative things are always tough to get into, but if I can make enough money doing it then I'll be on top of the moon. Law has always seemed a little intense, so having a back up is good. Social service work is probably not that much less intense in terms of dealing with people, but at least it's not dense content wise. You should be able to understand what you're working with rather easily.

    Always wished I was a little more musically talented so I could stuff like this, but I'm digging what you've put up. I want to see more! The beach theme was really cool, so it's nice to see you can compose cool things yourself If you do many (any) more FF covers then hit up Psychotic as he might want to feature them on the EoFF Youtube and hopefully cross promote both

    We just had a huge lull period in March but April has really kicked it up a few gears. It'll be around here for a while, I'm sure
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    I'm actually doing some freelance contributing to a print magazine called HYPER which is pretty frigging cool. I'm trying to branch out at the moment but I've been having some issues with nobody responding to my emails I'm still doing creative writing stuff. Not as much, but still enough. I made my first award shortlist the other week, which was pretty brilliant, and I'm trying to finish up a piece for another contest now (I should probably work on that today sometime...) but yeah, still love to write and hopefully can make some money out of it soon!

    The LSAT doesn't sound like fun, but I'm sure you'll be able to soldier through it. Having a creative outlet is a pretty clever way to stop yourself from collapsing under the pressure. I'll have to check out some of your covers, I'm always on board for some nice gaming music.
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    Excellent, excellent I've been making some headway in this whole adulthood thing and now I'm a (sometimes) published video game journalist How's law been treating ya? Have you finished yet? Started work? What's doing in your world?
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    bloody good to have you back son
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    How are ya?
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