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    Ultima Shadow.
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    Ultima Shadowwwwwww ........
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    Have I asked you if you watch twitch sometimes?
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    You know you want to vote for the villains
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    I know Knock Off is weaker. But I didn't remember if I bred Night Slash onto Torchic. I THINK I did. But I did a lot of breeding, so I lost track.
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    I wasn't sure HOW to preserve Blaziken, to be honest. I'm not used to having a wall with no recovery, and no way to stall at least a little. Most of my team is really frail. Without a Baton Passer or similar means of setting up, I don't see how I could preserve them. My limited Type variety meant that I couldn't switch in freely, and I didn't have the bulk to last long enough to whittle things down.

    Crap. I totally should have given Baton Pass to Blaziken. Pass the Speed Boosts to Talonflame, set up Swords Dance, then wreck shop.
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    If you did save the code, could you put it up? Just to get it up in the thread.

    The only coverage I had for Cofagrigus was on Banette. Who couldn't switch in on a Shadow Ball. My only other option would be Blaziken, who had Night Slash or could get Knock Off. But that would mean giving up either Protect or Stone Edge. Which is one more option to handle Aerodactyl gone.
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    I never thought of Thunder Wave. That might have been an option. I really didn't need Power Whip against your team.

    I wasn't expecting Rock Tomb. I don't know why. I was thinking you carried STAB (Iron Head and Earthquake), Stealth Rock, and I didn't even think you'd have a Rock Move. I was hoping I could pressure you out against the damage from Fiery Dance (and maybe get the Sp. Atk boost), then set up on the switch. But, Volcarona died immediately.

    I think that Blaziken could've done work as well, if I could get it in with enough Speed Boosts up. Rock, Fighting, and Fire is good coverage.

    So many of my Pokemon require set up, though. And you could just freely switch around them to crush me.
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    Maybe I could have PP stalled Shadow Ball off Despair, and gotten you to switch out so I didn't lose Gale Wings? And then MAYBE the resisted +6 Acrobatics might have wiped Aerodactyl?
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    Good game. Question: What would you have done had our teams been reversed?
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Terribly bad joke of the week.

by Ultima Shadow on 10-13-2010 at 06:52 PM

At the hospital: a doctor and a female patient...

Doc: "Hmm, well... it looks like you'll soon have more than one mouth to feed."

Patient: "R-really, doc? Are you saying that...?"

Doc: "...Yup, you've got pinworms!"

...but wait! Here comes the funny part:

Patient: "What? Then... what should I do?"

Doc: "Well,

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by Ultima Shadow on 09-18-2010 at 01:47 PM
Q: What's the difference between a pigeon?

A: None. Both sides look the same. Especially the left one.