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    Should be ready in a couple of minutes.
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    Hey man, can't say I'm really ready for you, as I really didn't have enough time to play Pokemon this week, but I don't expect it to get any better, do let's just battle whenever you have the time I should be available for the rest of the day, but the earlier, the better.
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    I just came across this, and thought you might appreciate it. So enjoy!
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    Well, I don't think it will be fully ready by the end of the week anyway, so we can meet around Thursday, I guess.
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    Alright, so just give me some time to prepare and we'll arrange a meet-up soon I'll keep what you said in mind and try to pick a suitable date.
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    Oh, also, we don't need to rush it, cause I know you're pretty pro at this and I'm still kinda preparing my team. This is the first time I'm actually putting some serious effort into building a stable team.
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    Hey, so it looks like you're my first battle partner in Shaibana's tournament we need to arrange a meet-up before midnight CET on March 30th. This might prove challenging. What's your timezone? I'm using Warsaw time.
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    Has anyone challenged the gyms yet? Can I challenge until I win and still get a prize? When are you freeeee?
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    Funnily enough, I've been playing melee for over a decade... but never thought to look into its competitive scene. Me and my friends found out about DI, teching, and a few other things all on our own. I'm not sure why none of us ever googled "cool crap you can do in melee" until like... a year ago. I did that for every other game I owned, why did I forget about melee? It's not like me and my friends didnt play it competitively together. Why didnt we try to find new awesome stuff?! Bah, whatever.

    But yes, I'm quite new to the scene. Learned about PM from a few friends on campus who played it, and since I actually had people to play with again... I started playing with them. A lot. I've been getting my ass kicked less and less with each month, and aside from like 3 players I can beat everyone else quite reliably now. There's not a really big scene in Colorado at all... but im working with what I've got. Thankfully, we've been getting a ton of new players over the past couple months... and they're masochistic enough to not quit~ It's exciting. But yep, I'm a scrub and I'm loving it.
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    I've been putting a lot more time into my roy lately because he requires a lot more techskill, but my kirby is definitely superior. Both are really fun though, and they're way more consistent than my hype-fueled suicide-prone falcon.

    Oh, and my intention is to go and get my ass kicked. A few of my friends who frequently 3-4 stock me are also going, so my goal is definitely not to win. I just want to meet a bunch of other smashers that live nearby and see how I measure up after a good 5-6 months of practice.
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Terribly bad joke of the week.

by Ultima Shadow on 10-13-2010 at 06:52 PM

At the hospital: a doctor and a female patient...

Doc: "Hmm, well... it looks like you'll soon have more than one mouth to feed."

Patient: "R-really, doc? Are you saying that...?"

Doc: "...Yup, you've got pinworms!"

...but wait! Here comes the funny part:

Patient: "What? Then... what should I do?"

Doc: "Well,

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by Ultima Shadow on 09-18-2010 at 01:47 PM
Q: What's the difference between a pigeon?

A: None. Both sides look the same. Especially the left one.