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    They need to make a massive SRPG style pokemon similar to the gameplay of the Devil Survivors. Make the story massive and epic and include ALL the pokemon in the series to date in it.

    That's the Pokemon game I want.
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    Happy Halloween!

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    Thank you, dear minion. Keep up the good work.
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    Its why I wanted Adamant, but I was sick of hunting, so Jolly was the second best option.

    My IV's seem to all be around the mid range, though my Attack and speed are high 20's, though HP is a little low. Seems like a good Scyther to me.
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    Yeah, I'm running Platinum off an emulator right now. I needed to do something to kill time now that I can't play my PS3. :P
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    The 50% is only if the mother has and Ever stone apparently, though conveniently I do.

    Trying to catch me a female Adamant Scyther right now. (Playing through Platinum. )
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    I'm not talking IV's mind you, just if higher level pokemon produce a stronger kid in general.
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    You're the pokemon expert here, do the parents level and stats effect the strength of the offspring?
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    Conviniently there's really only one save file I care about, the real issue would be when I replace it, I don't have the original HD for my current system since I lost track of it after upgrading to the 500GB, so I can't just trade this one in towards the new one, especially since I want to keep that HD.

    Ah well, I can get a new one, hopefully, this coming Tuesday.
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    Unless I'm really lucky and just need to clean out the fans, but the problem it's getting is pretty much garunteed that I would need to send it in to get it fixed, though it's cheaper to just up and buy a new system with how cheap a used one is now.

    Can't clean out the vents yet because my brothers asleep, and the way you are suppose to do it is use a vacuum cleaner.
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At the hospital: a doctor and a female patient...

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Patient: "R-really, doc? Are you saying that...?"

Doc: "...Yup, you've got pinworms!"

...but wait! Here comes the funny part:

Patient: "What? Then... what should I do?"

Doc: "Well,

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Q: What's the difference between a pigeon?

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