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  1. Oh... I see... I thougth Trowa, too, was from Xenosaga.
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    Lionheart Griever: Yes, it's me! Surprised to see me?!

    Just so you don't get confused:

    chaos: A character of Xenosaga

    Rubedo: A character of Xenosaga

    Albedo: Main villan of Xenosaga

    Trowa Barton: My favorite character from Gundam Wing

    Hopefully that will clear everything up!
  3. Yea... who is Trowa??? He sounds like a... erm... pretty "boring" person...
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    trowa barton....who are you? LoL

    FFVIII BABY! :rock:
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    chaos: Yay!

    Rubedo: Hey! How come everyone always says that! I feel so unloved!

    Albedo: *Laughs maniacally* Ahaha, poor Rubedo, now you feel cut off from the world, so what harm would it do if you became the beast you were 13 years ago?!

    Trowa:.... I don't care....
  6. From now on... chaos is my fav of your split personalities.

    50th usernote!!!
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    chaos: Well, I found Ultima Weapon magnificent. It had played more roles in games than the other weapons, and is pretty cool to boot. The design is just terrific, no matter what the game.

    Rubedo: Well, I thought that Rubey Wea... no, Ruby Weapon was totally awesome. Quite strong, and the design and color is gorgerous. A creative barrage of attacks too.

    Albedo: *Laughs maniacally* Are you all kidding me?! Those poor pets are nothing compared to the power of the Omega Weapons. They are not showcased over Ultima Weapons for nothing! *Laughs maniacally* They are stronger than the Ultima Weapons, the design is pretty much the same, or stronger, giving them a meaner look.

    Trowa: *Sits and stares and sits and stares and sits and stares and sits and stares* I choose Emerald.
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    Ultima Weapon schmeapon.
  9. The one in FFVIII. It's both the coolest and the strongest.

    Don't forget to vote him in the "ff Boss Tournment Finals-Group Stages" in general final fantasy.
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    Out of all the ultima weapons which is your favorite ultima?
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At the hospital: a doctor and a female patient...

Doc: "Hmm, well... it looks like you'll soon have more than one mouth to feed."

Patient: "R-really, doc? Are you saying that...?"

Doc: "...Yup, you've got pinworms!"

...but wait! Here comes the funny part:

Patient: "What? Then... what should I do?"

Doc: "Well,

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Q: What's the difference between a pigeon?

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