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    Who needs L10 cards for epic battles? Not us!
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    Oh, so Same DOES take elements into account. Oops. xD So much for my ingenious plan. I thought I'd get half the board on that one.
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    Hell I don't remember which card I would have put down, just that I would have played differenty. And that sort of Combo-ing was exactly what I was afraid of, which is why I to the bottom-right space to begin with when I thought I could get a point that way. xD
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    Dammit, now I have your stupid Creeps card. >=(
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    I don't play with two battle windows open; hell, I don't even actively browse EoFF with a battle window open. Anyway, congrats on your victory! Watching the replay, I saw what happened in the first game. It looks like when I checked in for my second-to-last move, my card in the middle-right, which was my color, erroneously showed to me as your color. xD That's why I moved under it to the bottom-right. If that had been your card, it would have been 7-3. If it wasn't, I would have moved to the middle-left position and made it 7-3 that way.
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    Oh, CPU opponents are terrible. xD Cards will appear to go one place, but instead go somewhere else! And the elemental glitch wasn't a big deal; I might have made the same move regardless. But it does show how the game is randomly buggy.
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    I'll have to watch the game again after we're done; IIRC, I thought it was 6-4 lead before my second-to-last card. But anyway, on the start of sudden death, none of the elements showed up. I thought "huh, well maybe there are no elements for sudden death." And then I put a card down and a -1 came up and I was like "wtf?" Then I refreshed the game and saw the elemental signs.
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    I'm pretty sure I should have won that game. The game didn't give me credit for my flip (when I moved to the bottom-right corner) -- and didn't even register the color change until I refreshed the game. The score remained 6-5. Damn buggy game. xD
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    Dammit. Stop choosing the wrong corner, man!

    EDIT: Actually, it probably wouldn't have made a difference.
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    I play with the same cards most times against CPU opponents but obviously humans learn so I need to be a bit more adventurous on EoFF. D=
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Q: What's the difference between a pigeon?

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