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    Silence, Graves.
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    chaos: You rock!

    Rubedo: And you are very addictive!
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    You, however, stench.
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    Misfit smells. :mog:
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    I have no idea who he is, either.
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    ^ This guy doesn't know who he is. :D
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    Oh snap!
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    Good to see a fellow liberal posting here. =)
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    Meat Puppet is good for the blood flow.

    I wasn't really trying to be convincing.

    Well. You are bad. And since this was the first usernote in his profile, many people would see it and be educated.

    So you can fit in with the....children? You're not one of them anymore.

    That's like mentally kidnapping me. Mummy won't stand for this.

    Mummy is a minor obstacle in my quest. She will be no match for my charms.

    Your ego will be your downfall.

    It means I have royal blood. 8-)

    Any higher and I'd have destroyed the moonish little face.

    We all have our little problems. :sad:

    Is there a problem, officer?

    One hug. It can be a quick one; 3 seconds, tops.

    But that's like....that's me getting something.

    I hope you can make good on that one. :-\


    I hope I donít get the stitches again

    How far are you willing to go?

    And beyond!

    I recognize a little of Buzz Lightyear in you. There should be your action figures in the stores soon.

    Iíll be sure to buy several.

    Send me one. They might not break through here.

    You have a point. It is a tough market to make an impact in; how could the action figures compete with toys like the ďOozinatorĒ?

    Everybody else just has horrible taste :(

    Which includes sausages wrapped in mother smurfing pancakes.

    Does it really even compare to anything these Maori have?

    No. They... cook their food underground. They have also wiped out several species of bird.

    You're getting jipped of a message

    When did we become little girls?

    I love it when you get me all worked up over what turns out to be nothing. :heart:

    I just love taking you on a rollercoaster.

    I speak in tongues.

    All because of a rollercoaster? Hmm hmm.

    There's one in funkytown. Drive me! Us. Drive us.

    I donít know the way.

    RPG, or RP? Itís very important.

    I wouldn't make that sort of a mistake. RPG

    I donít know whatís real anymore. These bananas... are they real?

    Are you afraid of being boiled alive?

    Oh yes, definitely. I have feelings.

    Does this mean you're not a superhero?

    Would you still be my friend if I wasnít?

    For you, anything. Would you like the moon?

    Just a ľ will do for now.

    Ready for the rest of it now?

    Cool joke.

    And I waited a whole week to let it rip! :jess:

    Traffic is Irish.

    Something really has to be done about them. These Irish is bad news!

    I have a special gas that targets only Irish people. Can I release it?

    I donít know... it sounds kind of risky.

    Where's the risk? I see no risk.

    Oh GREAT. As if I donít see enough chickens. :p

    But hey, your experience with them will help you out here. You have an advantage.

    Iím mad at you. MAD. More like a parody kind of mad, though... like the magazine!

    Then I guess I'll parody kick you in the shins. :mad2: That must make sense...somehow. In some alternate universe, it makes sense.

    This is not the first time you have mentioned alternate universes. Is there something youíre not telling me? ...and this is not the first time I wrote this. :p

    I said I wouldn't go in one of those. I haven't. If that's what you were thinking. :shifty:

    But how can I trust you? How do I know you wonít be tempted by the gray abyss?

    Tie me to a tree.

    You'd be doing be a favor.

    But do you really want to die like that?

    I'm not going to die like that. Just some short-term safekeeping.
    u won't have to think about it anymore.

    I would like that very much!

    Who knows, maybe once I teach you, you'll be able to make a business out of it. A real living.

    Wait, letís not go overboard here. Iíll only use it for personal reasons.

    Where did you learn such good manners?

    Would you say that theyíre so good that, if you were my aunt, youíd give me a baseball cap?

    Only if that's what you wanted. Otherwise it would just be dumb.

    I canít always get what I want.

    Afraid of becoming spoiled?

    It just wouldnít be fun for everyone else, yíknow?

    So NOW you care about everyone else, huh? You're not so tough after all.

    By everyone else I mean you.

    Have I complained?

    I guess I really just wanted to make it clear.

    Nag me about it. I'm hankering for a nagging.

    Want me to nag? Iíll nag you blue, baby. Just watch me.

    You better not be all talk, or I'll be disappointed.

    And if youíre not, Iíll nag you until you are.

    I've created a monster.

    You must destroy it, or else it will consume you. You donít want to be consumed, do you?

    Destroy YOU?

    Surely I have a say in this matter!

    I'll acknowledge your advice, but I won't promise anything.

    Playing tough bitch now, huh? :eyebrow:

    It's actually closer to the complete opposite of tough bitch, but I guess I can't expect you to understand that. :mad2:

    Me man; me dumb.

    I'm beginning to think it's all an act.

    What could I possible hope to gain from this bizarre faÁade?

    I haven't thought that far ahead yet.

    Hey, thatís no problem. At least youíre able to think clearly in the here & now.

    The hallucinations are happening again.

    Tell her to make a milkshake. Banana milkshake.

    I don't want to throw up too.

    Whatís the season of this pukefest?

    I've left this for too long. Are you still alive?

    This is like the time Principal Skinner locked Jimbo and the boys in the janitorís closet, and then forgot about them!

    They keep playing the same episodes of that show. For days and days. I wish I could get in contact with some sort of CEO.

    Much like Late Night with Conan OíBrien to the Finnish. The only way you will get your peace is with a revolutionary uprising... or maybe some kind of letter to the broadcasting company. Whatever works for you. :)
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