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    Earthquake is definitely an Aggron killer. A shuca berry will reduce the damage from one Earthquake, (reduces damage from a supper effective ground type move) A focus sash will prevent a 1HKO move, and a focus band may prevent fainting but it's risky. Or you can give Aggron an air balloon. It makes the holder immune to ground type attacks until it gets damaged by another attack.

    The final method will only work in a double or triple battle. Have a member of the gastly family (or any pokémon that can learn skill swap and has the ability Levitate) use skill swap on Aggron.
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    I came here to explain what qwertysaur just did. Listen to him, he's right.
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    There is no single item that negates all super effective hits, but you could use a Chopple berry to reduce the damage from a fighting type attack once, or a Shuca berry to reduce the damage from a ground type attack. Both of those types normally do 4x damage to Aggron due to the Rock/Steel typing.
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    I made a comment for your Final Fantasy XIII 5 hour gameplay, so I hope you enjoy that
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    Greetings of the day, my swan, Rinoa Lover! Well my swan Rinoa Lover I think Pokémon is the bee's knees and the cat's pyjamas. My favourite one, dear swan Rinoa Lover, is the Poliwag! It has immense power and many speciality assaults. Kind regards.
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    Will definitely sit down and read your article soon!
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    ... I was distracted.

    When I have time I will. May be a bit though, as I have both the Babe Tournament to run, my other General Gaming thread, and things to do today, but I'll get to it. (This is Neocracker by the way, so when I post in it I wont' be doing so with this account. )
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    Well, it's a little late now, but afterwords I take suggestions about who to include next time.

    Since I each time we have at least 16 slots open for Babes that haven't had a chance to participate, most suggestions will get added.
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    Just throwing this out there, this tournament will see Rinoa. Voting in the Video game Babe tournament starts Monday!

    ...I feel my tactics for luring people in are getting lower and lower.
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    Always nice to see a member who isn't online too much. Come more often.
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Hey hello and welcome to my profile, Rinoa lover here and nice to meet you here around on eyes of final fantasy (eyesonff) website. I love RPG games a lot and playing the mostly those game seriea like Final fantasy, Star ocean, Pokémon, Digimon and other great story telling RPG games. I also like other games outside RPG genres like the fighting, adventure and racing (also karting) games alot. I playing mostly Dragonball Z, Street fighter and Soul calibur the mostly on the fighting games. By the adventure games I like the game series like Legend of Zelda, Super mario and Digimon games. I like the racing and karting games like Mario kart, Gran turismo, Need for speed and Ridge racer games. I love to making friends and chatting with them about games, still working to become the ultimate gaming reporter ever you can see on the world dear gamers!
Esthar city
Ultimate gaming reporter by Gaming Galaxy NL news group!
Gaming, internetting, researching in game theory, making new frieneds and Chatting with my friends!
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[App review] Dragon city (smartphone and Facebook games)

by Rinoa Lover on 08-03-2013 at 08:37 PM
Quote Originally Posted by Rinoa Lover View Post
Hey hello and welcome to my second mobile app review, this is really good mobile app game all the time with the Dragons you want to train. So the game is lovely and nice to play on your facebook and at the mobile app on Android and Iphone, this game is also playable at the Ipad and Android tablets to play on them. So you can access on your mobile or tablet where you play this game your facebook account, so you can play in two ways on your mobile and tablets also you can play the game on facebook.

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Video Games , Internet

Legend of the Dragonknight: the chosen one!

by Rinoa Lover on 05-09-2013 at 02:33 PM
Quote Originally Posted by Rinoa Lover View Post
Character name: Lucarita26.
Gender: Female.
Age: 31 years old.
Favorite place to rest: Forest temple.
Race: Android.
Pet: Wolf named Midnight.
Title: Warrior of Justice.
Bio: Lucarita26 is the strongest fighter and she love to fight for justice and that's why is his title of "Warrior of Justice". She fights for the monster and he lives with her mother. Her's father was died on the war of justice. His mother told him that he must watch out

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Rinoa lover's let's play Final fantasy VIII writenbook project version 1.0

by Rinoa Lover on 02-01-2013 at 11:45 PM
Quote Originally Posted by Rinoa Lover View Post
Hey hello and welcome to my first general let's play writenbook on Final fantasy VIII that I want to start it this week, because I played on wednesday 'n thursday (two days if you can see) I hope it will be active forever and some gamers of that game will reply on this thread and hope they will enjoy it. I want to start and want to start with the subject why I'm starting the project goal of Let's play with the Final fantasy VIII game!

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Updated 02-02-2013 at 11:40 AM by Rinoa Lover

Eyes on Final Fantasy , Final Fantasy , Video Games

Please rate my first pokémon team!

by Rinoa Lover on 01-28-2013 at 07:21 PM
Quote Originally Posted by Rinoa Lover View Post
Hey hello dear facebook how are you today good? With me is great and good today dear facebook! I will take mine team to analyze and will found out what I have to add and miss to for mine Pokémon and for mine team dear facebook. Okay I will a start with mine team setup and write about mine Pokémon and what they can or not can, so I have to do more work here and get mine team stronger and stronger then ever he was dear facebook. Okay mine team comes from Pokémon

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Updated 01-28-2013 at 07:27 PM by Rinoa Lover

Video Games

Gaming marathon: Star ocean the last hope international (PS3)

by Rinoa Lover on 01-28-2013 at 05:39 PM
Quote Originally Posted by Rinoa Lover View Post
Hey hello and welcome to my second gaming marathon weblog article with my second RPG game from Square Enix again this time is it not ''Final fantasy XIII" like one week ago, but I will playing and write about my gaming marathon 4 hours again and this time about the game "Star ocean: the last hope international" I had this game on my birthday and I bought this game for 30 and with %50 percent from my lovely aunt Sian for my birthday and I had from he 15 and I must get 15 from the bank,

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