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    Today, 11:27 AM
    Wolf Kanno posted a visitor message on Fynn's profile
    Yeah, it's kind of sad how much the speed running scene can sometimes wreck a good franchise. Granted, it's just a few bad apples but the amount of...
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    Today, 07:40 AM
    Fynn posted a visitor message on Wolf Kanno's profile
    I’ll take a look at it later, thanks! And yeah, I think the worst part about this whole attitude is how many people just mindlessly regurgitate...
  • Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    Today, 07:36 AM
    Honestly, the only PS2 entry that looks bad nowadays is oddly enough XI, and only if you're not playing it on PC where you can fix a few things. X...
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    Today, 07:28 AM
    Wolf Kanno posted a visitor message on Fynn's profile
    Yeah, reading the TV Trope page shows you're right and it's the HD release that finally brought this game back into good graces. Course, even back in...
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    Today, 06:18 AM
    Fynn posted a visitor message on Wolf Kanno's profile
    It’s really the Final Mix version that changed this. KHII now has an insane amount of extra content to seek your teeth into, so people now spend way...
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    Today, 12:08 AM
    Wolf Kanno posted a visitor message on Fynn's profile
    That's kind of how my Days playthrough has been for me. I remember feeling like it had some good ideas but was adequate at best. Now, I'm starting to...
  • Fynn's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:29 PM
    Fynn posted a visitor message on Wolf Kanno's profile
    I’m honestly enjoying the second run so much more. I may think the plot is completely irrelevant, but I still like the fact that the Disney...
  • Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:18 PM
    Wolf Kanno posted a visitor message on Fynn's profile
    Oh I agree. A large part of why I prefer the command deck system is because it gives the game a more traditional turn based feel to character...
  • Fynn's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:07 PM
    Fynn posted a visitor message on Wolf Kanno's profile
    Well, I know that most of this has come to be after KHII FM became available here, so people have been using that version as the gold standard....
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    Yesterday, 10:03 PM
    Wolf Kanno posted a visitor message on Fynn's profile
    I watched one video of someone trying to defend that part of the fandom; and while I can agree with several of his points, I honestly feel that the...
  • Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:53 PM
    Alright let's try to do a proper analysis shall we? Gameplay: If we're going purely by combat systems, then VIII wins this for me. Largely because...
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  • Fynn's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:39 PM
    Fynn posted a visitor message on Wolf Kanno's profile
    Don’t even get me started on that one. The KHII circlejerk is so strong nowadays it’s not even funny anymore
  • Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:12 PM
    Wolf Kanno posted a visitor message on Fynn's profile
    No worries, I figured as much and was more worried you would be annoyed to have me sending you these long posts about me playing a game we're both...
  • Fynn's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:31 PM
    Fynn replied to a thread Action RPGs in General RPG Discussion
    Like Vermachtnis, I like them pretty much the same as turn-based RPGs. They just happen to scratch a different itch. I do get incredibly annoyed if I...
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  • Fynn's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:47 PM
    Fynn posted a visitor message on Wolf Kanno's profile
    Sorry for not replying so long. Busy weekend. Im also still working through your magnet message becausecof this ;) It’s good to hear the optional...
  • Lone Wolf Leonhart's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:33 PM
    Some names that come to mind from the early days: Kikimm, Little Miss Awesome, Louby_4eva, Yazoo's Queen, Resha, Lord Shishio There are also...
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  • Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:16 AM
    Wolf Kanno posted a visitor message on Fynn's profile
    Well now... In Final Mix news, I had another surprisingly productive night. Finally took down Phantom after I adjusted Goofy and Peter Pan's A.I. to...
  • maybee's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:52 AM
    maybee replied to a thread Action RPGs in General RPG Discussion
    I usually can't stand most ARPGs, because I like the feeling that you can control your party rather than just you controlling one person and the CPU...
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  • maybee's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:46 AM
    Final Fantasy VIII :love:
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    Yesterday, 12:58 AM
    Denmark replied to a thread Who Do You Miss in General Chat
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  • Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    02-16-2019, 07:53 PM
    One of the most popular sub-genres of RPG and one that has in the last decade started to overtake the usual idea of what to expect from the genre. I...
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  • Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    02-16-2019, 07:31 PM
    I'll get back to this when I have a bit more time to write it out, but between the two, I prefer Chrono Cross, though I enjoyed both games overall.
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  • Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    02-16-2019, 07:29 PM
    Nothing new since the last update I gave. It's still coming along with Scarlet Graces, but I haven't heard anything since.
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  • Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    02-16-2019, 11:13 AM
    Wolf Kanno posted a visitor message on G13's profile
    Happy Birthday!
  • Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    02-16-2019, 10:59 AM
    Wolf Kanno posted a visitor message on Fynn's profile
    Well tonight was surprisingly productive in Final Mix. Completed the Hades Cup, all of it. Including solo mode and for the first time ever for me, I...
  • Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    02-16-2019, 10:49 AM
    Honestly, I kept giving the game the shaft as well for awhile and then finally found myself at a moment where I didn't have anything particular I...
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  • Jinx's Avatar
    02-16-2019, 03:44 AM
    Jinx replied to a thread Frozen 2 in The Lounge
    dude he has for like 3 years now
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    02-15-2019, 10:57 PM
    Shauna replied to a thread Who Do You Miss in General Chat
    Can't get rid of us
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  • Clouded Sky's Avatar
    02-15-2019, 10:18 PM
    Clouded Sky replied to a thread Who Do You Miss in General Chat
    Not sure if I can miss anything since I haven't been around. Nice to see Shauna in this thread and assuming she's pretty active by post count. I...
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  • Bubba's Avatar
    02-15-2019, 02:34 PM
    Bubba replied to a thread Frozen 2 in The Lounge
    Can't see me going to the cinema to watch it unless Mini Bubba really wants to. I liked the message in the first film but apart from that I thought...
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    Look, Thanksgiving, as I have admitted, is my second favorite holiday of the Christmas Season.

    Halloween though is nonsense. It teaches children all about the evils of ruthless, means justify the ends Capitalism. We train children to extort and threaten adults into giving over the candy they worked hard to purchase. There's nothing worse than that! Christmas is all about sharing gifts and merriment with loved ones!
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Star Trek New Years Resolution

by Freya on 01-09-2015 at 03:37 PM

I'm attempting to watch every Star Trek episode ever, including the movies and the animated series. That is 546 hrs. I have watched the first 5 episodes of the original series and omg they are so sexist. The way they talk about women and treat women in the series is horrible. I made the comment on twitter that if an Ardat-Yakshi like Morinth was to encounter the federation, all of it, the entire federation is this way it seems,

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I'm hyped for Final Fantasy XV again

by Freya on 09-23-2014 at 03:47 PM
Writing all these news bits has me excited again. I just hope it isn't another 8 years.


by Freya on 07-16-2014 at 04:19 PM
I've been Hooping for about a week now. I was really bad at it. But now? Now I can spin, and dance while hooping! That's about it. Haven't done too many tricks.



by Freya on 07-06-2014 at 09:50 PM

I have a childhood friend who does the hoop dancing and even fire dancing.

I wanna learn how to do it and maybe by this time next year I can fire hoop!

Doesn't it look nifty?


by Freya on 06-06-2014 at 08:36 PM
My sister surprised me yesterday. Didn't tell me she was visiting and BAM jumped out and scared me. She lives 17 hrs away so it's super awesome.

Sisters are awesome!