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    Hello. Since our recent interaction. Look what I stumbled on reading some articles; "Though some cognitive distortions may have emerged because they are helpful (e.g., dividing the world into black and white minimizes ambiguity and helps one to quickly categorize events and people), they can also extend into undesirable emotional reactions and even pathology (e.g., viewing oneself 100% negatively can lead to and perpetuate depression)."

    This has nothing to do with the Biological Male thread btw.
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    Agreed. I mean, I liked all of the characters, and I really think this is Rowling's greatest strength. And yes, it was awesome that we got to see this adult angle for the wizarding world.

    In many ways, I felt this was like the perfect movie for the fans who grew up with the books and were adults now. Aside from the logical fact that this is shown from an adult's perspective this time, I think Kowalski more than anyone exemplifies why this is. After all, we've all dreamed of getting that letter at age 11, but when it didn't come, we were disappointed. And now he represents what we want to settle on now that we're too old - we're muggles but we still want to meet and become friends with some wizards who won't look down on us for being muggles (or no-majs ), so that we can still experience this magical world without having to be a regular part of it. I think that's what made him so ralatable to me. He represents what we as fans of this universe still believe we have a slight chance of being.
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    I just can't get over how good he was, and how good the movie was overall. Him being Polish-American is just an added bonus
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    Jacob Kowalski was the single greatest thing about Fantastic Beasts. He might even be my favorite character in the entire HP universe.
  5. Hi there, forum goer! My records show that you have not yet sent in Ciddies nominations! You have until Sunday afternoon to do so! Make sure to get on it so your favorite people make the cut!
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    That's the idea, go anyplace in the world and wires are still wires wether you hook them up to solar panels, or wire a home to the main grid. It's a lot less money to start with, but work for 10 months a school for two months and it will start catching up to what I was making.
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    Ya this last dropout of oil and gas had me thinking about trades instead. Started applying for an electrical apprenticeship. Though you can go the oil and gas route with it, you are not tied to it like what I did. Once you have your ticket you can go anyplace you like.
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    It's what I have done my whole adult life. I have delt with mostly natural gas too, bringing it from the wells, stripping the LNG's and water from it, and sending it down the line to sales. I'm a Power engineer whole specialized in oil and gas production. New taxes here caused 100,000 layoffs over night. These new pipelines means that new drills are coming though.
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    Ok, I know he was looking at me going across to work as he needs good help and has trouble finding it there. Yes stay positive. Big oil was just found in Texas, and Canada just now is announcing two massive pipelines, one headed into the US. Things will pick up work wise for him.
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    You bet. You have to stay positive or it will eat you alive. You guys will make it through this tough time. What state do you guys live in. I have a friend looking for people in Southern Illinois for oil and gas. Don't know if it's close to you guys or not but was thinking for your better half.
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Star Trek New Years Resolution

by Freya on 01-09-2015 at 03:37 PM

I'm attempting to watch every Star Trek episode ever, including the movies and the animated series. That is 546 hrs. I have watched the first 5 episodes of the original series and omg they are so sexist. The way they talk about women and treat women in the series is horrible. I made the comment on twitter that if an Ardat-Yakshi like Morinth was to encounter the federation, all of it, the entire federation is this way it seems,

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I'm hyped for Final Fantasy XV again

by Freya on 09-23-2014 at 03:47 PM
Writing all these news bits has me excited again. I just hope it isn't another 8 years.


by Freya on 07-16-2014 at 04:19 PM
I've been Hooping for about a week now. I was really bad at it. But now? Now I can spin, and dance while hooping! That's about it. Haven't done too many tricks.



by Freya on 07-06-2014 at 09:50 PM

I have a childhood friend who does the hoop dancing and even fire dancing.

I wanna learn how to do it and maybe by this time next year I can fire hoop!

Doesn't it look nifty?


by Freya on 06-06-2014 at 08:36 PM
My sister surprised me yesterday. Didn't tell me she was visiting and BAM jumped out and scared me. She lives 17 hrs away so it's super awesome.

Sisters are awesome!