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    I'd love to not have to work and have more time. I'm glad I'm in an apartment just for the reason of not having to mow or anything like that, but our dishes were getting really out of hand and the place is a mess. We do get distracted when we try to be productive by finding Pokemon in our apartment instead though lately.
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    My writing has been non existent lately, but I've been reading a lot at night before bed. Work and family stuff has kept me from really being able to do much of anything lately. I was barely able to kind of keep with Game of Thrones this season because it was hard to find an hour of time alone each week, haha. I do need to get back into writing though. I have too many projects I've wanted to work on but have put on the backburner for a year or so.
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    I'd say that's possible, but I didn't even have any duplicates with my Pokemon after it would have hatched, and no new Pokemon I hadn't caught. It was weird.

    That's dumb. I still haven't really messed with gyms so I hope that doesn't happen when face the gym in the mall. I've tried fighting it once but I didn't have any Pokemon strong enough and died quickly.

    How's life going outside of catching them all?
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    Oh, has it been glitchy for you? I had an egg I was trying to hatch hit the right amount of steps travelled or whatever and then it just disappeared. Didn't even hatch. The location seems off a lot with my character doing a lot of running back and forth when I'm just sitting. And it freezes and crashes a lot. It seems more stable on my friends iPhones rather than my Samsung Galaxy s6
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    I can believe that. I'm just surprised I didn't see anyone get hit by cars or anything because it seemed like no one was paying attention to anything but their phones. Including drivers.

    It's cool though. Don't usually see tons of people who don't know each other just all bonding over Pokémon.
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    I'm only level 8. It's a pretty crazy and weird phenomenon though. I went to the square today and there were swarms of people all just walking around the courthouse with their phones out, catching Pokémon. there are tons of pokestops there and lots of different kinds of pokemon.

    Anyways, I'm on team mystic. I hope I can get some higher cp pokemon so I can start taking gyms. There's a gym right next door to my store in the mall I work at, and all my coworkers have been joking about taking over the gym.
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    I may or may not have been playing Pokemon go a lot. It's more addicting than I thought.
  8. Thank you for doing all the graphics for the ciddies, they were wonderful!

    also we muuuuuuust play overwatch sometime
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    we gonna rock down to

    electric avenue
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    I have Electric Avenue stuck in my head

    It's weird feeling lazy with that song in your head
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Star Trek New Years Resolution

by Freya on 01-09-2015 at 02:37 PM

I'm attempting to watch every Star Trek episode ever, including the movies and the animated series. That is 546 hrs. I have watched the first 5 episodes of the original series and omg they are so sexist. The way they talk about women and treat women in the series is horrible. I made the comment on twitter that if an Ardat-Yakshi like Morinth was to encounter the federation, all of it, the entire federation is this way it seems,

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I'm hyped for Final Fantasy XV again

by Freya on 09-23-2014 at 02:47 PM
Writing all these news bits has me excited again. I just hope it isn't another 8 years.


by Freya on 07-16-2014 at 03:19 PM
I've been Hooping for about a week now. I was really bad at it. But now? Now I can spin, and dance while hooping! That's about it. Haven't done too many tricks.



by Freya on 07-06-2014 at 08:50 PM

I have a childhood friend who does the hoop dancing and even fire dancing.

I wanna learn how to do it and maybe by this time next year I can fire hoop!

Doesn't it look nifty?


by Freya on 06-06-2014 at 07:36 PM
My sister surprised me yesterday. Didn't tell me she was visiting and BAM jumped out and scared me. She lives 17 hrs away so it's super awesome.

Sisters are awesome!