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    Hey lady. So my character is heading to town, and I noticed Cherrie is currently living in a barn. I'm not sure where your character is going from here, if you're heading back to your "house" I was thinking perhaps she could run into Amit there. Thoughts?
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    Try not to beat yourself up. Especially if you have family over to visit. You can't get much done when that happens. I'm trying to sort myself out before the inevitable troutload of family visits over Christmas.

    Weeellllll... I was trying to get 240 population, 75 defence & 75 morale because that's what you need to unlock Level 3 Janine's Farmhouse. I built too much housing though and now I'm overpopulated! You can't increase capacity to more than 250 until you've got Lv3 Farmhouse. So annoying! Anyway, I've just demolished some housing and it's brought me back to 240. Morale is back up to 78 but my defence is just short at 72. Just need to build a lab or two to get my defence above 75. Only thing is now... I've no bloody materials! Guess I better get back pounding those pavements. At least it's keeping me motivated!
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    Lots of bacon and cheese sounds good! It's probably much better than the "lose a stone in a week" diet that I put myself through occasionally. I've tried it twice and I've lost ten pounds both times. Not quite a stone but good enough! It doesn't come back on straight away either. I was gonna start this week but I'm gonna start next Monday instead. Couldn't bring myself to do it! Kind of glad we don't have Thanksgiving here as I'd have no chance of losing weight before Christmas!

    Managed to lose three pounds this week. I attribute that to pushing myself to finish that 20K on ZR. Finished the final 5K of it this morning. The story was excellent so I'm all set for Season 2 now! I may have made some mistakes when upgrading my Abel Township. I've got 260 residents but only have room for 250. Hence, my town morale is on the floor! Desperately need to unlock Janine's Farmhouse Level 3.
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    Hahaha "Shhhh MFP Shhhh"... that will be me next week when I do my crazy week diet! I'm gonna finish my 20K run over the weekend then have a really strict week with food and just stick to weights and ab work. Sophie has to go in to have her gall bladder removed on Monday 30th Nov so I'll get the hard dieting done before that. She'll need a week to recover from that so I'll be eating properly that week so I can look after her and little James. They don't need me collapsing on them!

    I just wish I could be more consistent with being healthy instead of falling off the wagon. They say you should keep your body guessing... I definitely do that. It goes from having grapefruit, salad and 5K run to burger, chips and 5 cans of beer. My body is like "WTF man?!"

    I don't think I could ever cut out bread, pasta or potato. I mean, what's the point of living if you are denying yourself these things?!
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    I could kiss you right now.
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    Ooh! Thanks. I have it bookmarked so I can look at it later.

    Street Fighter is my personal favorite. I was on my A-Game there. Made my mom laugh so hard. Though her favorite review right now is Catching Fire. Not sure what it is about it, but she said I was excellent all the way through. In honesty that was a bit rushed because the two videos a week format was starting to catch up to me. I plan to switch to one and swap between my movie and game reviews starting in December.
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    I'll keep it mind for next time. I'm hoping to get Rise of the Tomb Raider for Christmas. If so I'll more than likely do a review on it I'll submit for promotion.

    Thank you. It usually take some time for my videos to get to the 20/30 phase. But it's already at 32. I hope some of those come back for more. Right now the highest my videos have gotten have been 80+ and that was the Supergirl review I did last month. Street Fighter and The NeverEnding Story II trailing behind it in the 60s. So somebody's watching!
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    Yeah, I should have, but I didn't. Got used to leaving that part out in recent weeks. It's still my fastest rising video in terms of view count right now, and that's probably due to being on EoFF.
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    Your character's reaction should be interesting.
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Star Trek New Years Resolution

by Freya on 01-09-2015 at 02:37 PM

I'm attempting to watch every Star Trek episode ever, including the movies and the animated series. That is 546 hrs. I have watched the first 5 episodes of the original series and omg they are so sexist. The way they talk about women and treat women in the series is horrible. I made the comment on twitter that if an Ardat-Yakshi like Morinth was to encounter the federation, all of it, the entire federation is this way it seems,

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I'm hyped for Final Fantasy XV again

by Freya on 09-23-2014 at 02:47 PM
Writing all these news bits has me excited again. I just hope it isn't another 8 years.


by Freya on 07-16-2014 at 03:19 PM
I've been Hooping for about a week now. I was really bad at it. But now? Now I can spin, and dance while hooping! That's about it. Haven't done too many tricks.



by Freya on 07-06-2014 at 08:50 PM

I have a childhood friend who does the hoop dancing and even fire dancing.

I wanna learn how to do it and maybe by this time next year I can fire hoop!

Doesn't it look nifty?


by Freya on 06-06-2014 at 07:36 PM
My sister surprised me yesterday. Didn't tell me she was visiting and BAM jumped out and scared me. She lives 17 hrs away so it's super awesome.

Sisters are awesome!