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    Happy Birthday! Again again!
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    Happy Birthday Again!
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    Happy Birthday!
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    Thank you very much. I did feel trout because you are someone I have always both liked and had a lot of time for. Likewise, good luck with your own goals and career hopes.
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    When I talk about Jiro I mean the character, not you, although I appreciate there's an inescapable intrinsic link. I assumed that when I talk about Jiro or anyone else (eg "I love Raistlin") everybody who reads it would instantly know I am talking about the character and not the person, but clearly that was a reckless assumption. I fully acknowledge from what you've said that other people will likely think the same way, that I am saying trout about Jiro the person and not Jiro the character, and that is not good and completely my fault. I am sorry for that because you don't deserve that.

    My comments were trying to explain my writing process and how I'd tried sincerely to make a virtuous character - and I thought I did a good job - but instead had failed and annoyed my audience so in rewrites I played that angle up more. I can fully understand why you would think that portrayal is me talking trout though. I have never had any issue with you - quite the opposite - and indeed that is why I gave you a prominent role and tried to make a good character who people would like. Instead, when faced with failure, I took the easy way out and went for annoyance instead. I took Fynn getting angry at the character (and losing the boss fight a bunch of times) as a sign of success. I didn't intend any negative portrayal of anyone in the game, be it you or anyone else, to be more than light hearted and gentle ribbing. Evidently I got that wrong too and I am sorry for that also. I will not include a representation of you in anything in future.
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    Is everything better now?
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    Happy Birthday!
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    Ah Jiro.

    Mine too, I'm sure we can share stories, ive been pretty down but in troutty English weather XD its probably the weather doing it to me!

    mate, I'd love to visit Aus, small problem that you're the other side of the world. I don't think I could hack the jet lag XD I couldnt handle America, I just slept all day every day!

    Its a new year, leave 2015 battles in 2015. I know i have~
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