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  1. Yes, I would totally be the opposite of that Rubedo needs taken out of his episode II outfit anyway, he looks like a blind version of the fab 5 dressed him.
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    those crazy kids! All glowy and in nowhere, and thats all they can think about.
  3. More like *stock* *stock* *Incestual relationship* *stock *stock*

    Proof that Rubedo gave chaos head at the end...and that Nephilim watched.
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    I remember now!

    "*stock* *stock* *boost* "ALBEDO!!!" *boost* *stock*
  5. Fruitie Rainie.

    Fear not, I shall refresh your memory: *stock stock stock stock stock stock stock stock stock stock*
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    Lunie Woonie.

    Actually I dont. Ep II has long fallen away from the abyss that is my long-term memory.
  7. Shane calls me Lunie-babeh, and I don't think it's get more cutified than that Zero

    Oh chaos is full of wonderful sexual innuendo. He's a pioneer for gay divine creatures everywhere. You see that "hug" he and Rubedo had going on at the end of Episode II? Yeah, you know the one.
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    Yes I noticed the bulge. A bit on the small side if you ask me

    I thought Id do something weird and replay the WHOOOOOOLE series in order. I really have that much free time. Im at the Foundation-attack thingie. Constantly hearing "Angel Blow" is starting to put naughty things in my young mind.
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    Hi Lune-Lune!

    What other new disturbingly cute nicknames can we think of now?
  10. Loony BoB (650)

    I <3 you Acid.

    That's because Yeshua is sexy... and has a bulge. Oh and the Lunar thing too.

    Wait, why Episode I? What happened to Episode III
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