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    IT'S A WAR CRIME thanks also josh stone
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    I'm playing Infiltrator, which is okay but not super special I suppose. I think I'll try a biotic if I do another run through the games, though. And I can't ever do renegade or whatever the equivalent is in other choose-your-destiny games. I just feel too bad for these poor character models in computer games.

    Daredevil was really good! I haven't been disappointed with any Netflix original that I've seen so far. And it's a total bummer about Rosario Dawson kinda being shoved off to the side and just playing a passive white mage/damsel in distress/love interest role.
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    I finished the last episode of Daredevil just seconds before I logged on and read your message. Pretty crazy coincidence! You'd known I was watching it if you were a better stalker and looked through my latest posts!

    Mass Effect 2 is awesome. I played it once before but never finished it because I messed up and basically let everyone die and I couldn't bring myself to continue after that cause I'm a big sissy. Years later I'm back in action and trying to do a better job of saving the galaxy.

    You should pitch sitcoms for a living. I'd watch our sitcom.
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    Where are we gonna get our token black person and token asian or latino person, though? Those two are all we are missing and then we're golden, I think. The Golden Guys.
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    haha, I wasn't high. Just young and funny!
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    haha dude lookin thru our old usernotes is pure nostalgia mixed with a healthy dose of cringe.
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    I'm walking talking comical relief and I'm not ashamed. Being tall and clumsy is a funny combination.

    How tall are you, anyway? I imagine you as shorter than average. You'd better not shatter those illusions, buddy!
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    You jerk
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    Yeahhh it's very pleasant to avoid having to listen to that sort of thing. Being supportive is exhausting. I literally fall asleep every time I give out e-hugs.
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    That'll do it. Ain't no party like a pills and booze party. With no other people. I didn't know that was a homosexual thing though. Now I'm sexually confused!
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