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  1. Yeah helps when leveling but can't have him out fighting when queuing for dungeons.

    Don't feel bad people are babies, I had a tank quit the dungeon because I was glamoured in a bathing suit. I was ilvl 116. And sometimes trout happens, not the end of the world, especially since you're new. People forget that here are new players. :/
  2. You get grand company Chocobos at like 20-22 so should be soon. The. At 30 he can fight with you.

    No, it is not that bad once you get used to it. I switched to legacy controls and it helped a lot. They default controls make it so when you try to go back you go slowly backwards instead of turning around and running. Also bind run to a mouse button. You won't suffer from huge lag so not that bad at all!
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    This is why name changes are bad mmkay? So sorry but my prediction totally still makes sense. You always in the VMs.
  4. It takes like an hour or two really. No time at all. Especially cuz at level 30 you get a quest that unlocks your companion Chocobo to fight with you on the overworld.

    You can! MMO is all about community and together! Don't be shy to ask, seriously! And I don't mind running with you when I am on.

    The next primal battle involves mechanics where you can get permanently knocked out of the arena.
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    What even is a lallafoggle
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    basically sounds like me then
  7. Ifrit Hard Mode is even more fun, seriously!

    smurfkkk, at least it will be easier now since you can continue the main scenario as healer so you will get that exp. Warning, to unlock White Mage at level 30 you will have to level Arcanist to 15. Just so you know...

    Next primal is so much fun....I just loved fighting him.../sarcasm.
  8. Fair enough!

    Wow, that's fast for just getting it, I guess they really did increase the exp amount. Oh BTW when you level other classes there is bonus exp from having a higher level class, so it does make the second class and so on easier. Don't forget your hunting logs too! Playing on console or PC?

    So you should be facing Ifrit soon! Or already!
  9. Also, everyone in the Free Company is super and nice and many will offer to do runs with you if you ask. Plus because you're new there are bonuses to helping you through the dungeons. Plus whenever I'm on I will help too! I got plenty of things to level so I can go in as those, especially as heal or tank to make the wait way less long.
  10. Evil Lala-spawn! I'm a cat boy.

    Fair enough so,etc,es people can be jerks and just expect someone to know the mechanics of the low level stuff. Also, I. The bright side they doubled exp from the main scenario quests so it is much easier to get to 50. To unlock Black Mage you will have to have archer to 15 but that takes like no time, especially with hunting logs.
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