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  1. Evil Lala-spawn! I'm a cat boy.

    Fair enough so,etc,es people can be jerks and just expect someone to know the mechanics of the low level stuff. Also, I. The bright side they doubled exp from the main scenario quests so it is much easier to get to 50. To unlock Black Mage you will have to have archer to 15 but that takes like no time, especially with hunting logs.
  2. Today is bf day since it is one of the few full days we have off together.

    Cool, yeah THM become BLM at 30 after to level ARC(cher) to 15 as well. Don't be shy to ask questions, everyone is helpful! Healing is pretty easy until level 32 then you actually have to do more than heal. When you get comfortable enough you mostly DPS while occasionally healing in lower levels. Anyways, after doing your level 10 class quest, you unlock the ability to switch between classes (so your class changes with the weapon you equip) and you can unlock all the other classes in your starting city. Then in a few more levels you will do a main quest and visit all the other city-states and unlock their respective classes! So one character can be everything, you don't have to make a new character!
  3. If I'm offline you can't find me through searching. My name is in the FC list though and I'll be online tomorrow!

    What did you roll as? I main healer as a WHM. I have WAR and SMN for tanking and DPS, though rarely play them.

    DPS have to know the mechanics, as a healer most fights are easier if sometimes a bit stressful!

    What did you run?
  4. I saw that BoB added you! Yup, still play!
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    SUPERGLUE or tar maybe
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    always bet on walrus
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    choose bryndhildir
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    too much mobile not enough man
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    Father's day? I think that's a different date here. I've heard nothing about it! But the rest of the trip was good. I'm exhausted because kids, ya know. Did you have a good weekend?
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    You guys got married? That's awesome. I've been playing a lot of minecraft on the 360 lately. I like building stuff. I'm not very good, but I can like doing stuff I'm bad at.
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